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Photo: Readers Digest

I couldn’t believe he was standing right there, in front of me. I felt a rush, like the way you feel when you have been standing on an impossibly long queue and it’s eventually your turn. Ok to be honest, it felt more like being on a wait list for a limited edition bag, and then getting that call that tells you your bag is ready for collection. Anyway, you get my drift…it felt….good!

He said something to Onyeka and Tosin. I didn’t hear a word and frankly I didn’t care. I just wanted them to disappear so it could just be the two of us and he could tell me whatever it was he had come to say. My friends got the message, I watched them as they scrambled around the room packing up their things. They said a quick goodbye to me, I nodded in response. I was too nervous to speak. When Tosin slammed the door shut behind her (as usual) I inhaled sharply and Tunji smiled.

“Are you ok”? He asked as he walked towards me.


I cleared my throat before I spoke, I had to make sure my voice wasn’t shaky.

“I’m ok. Just a little tired from all the packing”. I replied.

“Yeah. I can see you’re all packed up and ready to go”. Tunji said.

He shoved his hands in his pockets and remained quiet, so did I. The silence was awkward….very awkward. After a few minutes of absolute silence, he spoke.

“I played golf with your dad this morning and he told me you were leaving. I just came to wish you bon voyage”.

“Thank you Tunji. I appreciate you coming all the way to tell me that”. I said.

“Do I sense some sarcasm in that response”? He asked.

“I wasn’t being sarcastic. I mean you could have sent a text or even called but you came all the way. I know how tight your schedule is these days, so I actually really do appreciate the gesture”. I assured him.

He smiled. Gosh! His smile still made my heart skip a beat. He opened his arms for a hug. I walked towards him and hugged him. I don’t know how it happened but the next thing his lips were on mine …I don’t know who made the first move. I just know one second I was hugging him and the next I was completely and utterly…breathless!


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