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Convenient love…


Convenient love is what I read in almost every relationship situation that has the actors crying “love.” Nobody wants to be saddled with an inconveniencing act-in the name of love.

Sadly, those people that are most selfish about things of love are often the ones who demand it most from others.You meet a lady and claim to be head-over-heels in love with her, but bolt away the moment you learn she has had a child outside wedlock or that she has been married before.

Some people CAN only love others, when love is convenient for them.So, to all those that do this (running away from “non-convenient love”), we are truly sorry we’ve inconvenienced you, by not accepting love when it was only convenient for you.

I will not let anyone love me when it is convenient for them and I have often said that in a friendship/relationship-I personally won’t have much with anyone who hasn’t taken a chance on me.I do believe that genuine friendship is built on blind trust- trusting me when you have no reason to and my not disappointing you-when it would have been more convenient to do just that!

Before entering a relationship, it’s always best to be friends first, no matter what your heart or hormones want to do. You need to know exactly who you are sharing your world with. A friend is in his 50’s and has never been married before. He has been a close acquaintance for as long as I can remember and I can safely say that his issues fuelled my interest in “match making.”

I don’t give up very easily but I gave up in his own case…he found faults with every “new find.”Very funny faults ooo…either she is not YELLOW enough or some other FUNNY reasons.

At a time, he claimed his problem was that he never sustains interest in any lady that he TOUCHED.So, I advised NO TOUCHING (until wedding night)…still the fault-finding persisted.His friends kept giving me a pitying look- obviously everybody had given up, except OBY!

Recently, he mandated me to start searching again, but what irked me was the caveat that he attached to his request. In his words: “My only concern is a woman who can conceive quickly and start having babies for me.’’

So an IRRITATED OBY replied thus …
Is anybody God? If making babies is most important to you, you should have married like 15 years back. You can’t choose to marry late and begin to heap pressure on your woman.Some ladies that married at 25 have not been able to conceive-decades later. Pray for a good woman and then leave the rest in God’s hands.

If you are still looking for a perfect lady…then, your wait has just begun.I have also realised that marriage is not for everybody…it’s just sad that it would take lots of DANCING IN CIRCLES for most of us to understand this.

“Remember that the best relationship is one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other,”- Dalai Lama XIV .People were created to be loved, things were created to be used, the reason the world is in chaos is because things are being loved and people are being used…says this great Sage.

Some people may argue they are being just practical or realistic, but the problem I have with such people is that it is often the “practical ones” who expect you to lose your head in “loving them!”

Why don’t we learn to give what we would want back from others?
Love as I have come to understand it is a thing of extreme convenience…at least in this part of the world. Before a wealthy man goes for a lady that is not in his class…she is probably making things up to him with her youth/beauty.

Which YOUNG lady (who has economic options) will readily say YES to a man that’s not only married before, but one who is almost twice her age- with kids from a different woman?“Whenever love depends upon something (external to love), and then this thing passes, then the love passes away too. But if love does not depend upon something like this, then love will never pass away-“ Unknown

Hello…Love is sacrifice!
If the love you claim to have for your better-half hasn’t tasked your convenience, resources and most of all that makes you you…then, it is not yet love.You can’t claim to love another deeply, if you have not or cannot make sacrifices, because another name for love isn’t pleasure but…SACRIFICE.

True love is so much deeper. It’s from heart to heart, not just from body to body. Hold unto the person that touches your heart-more than he/she touches your body!!!

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