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Cosmetic surgery…which is the true you?


FILES: A woman undergoing cosmetic surgery... PHOTO: AFP

FILES: A woman undergoing cosmetic surgery… PHOTO: AFP

Cosmetic surgery… Can altering the outside truly help you handle or fix your life challenges? Now, I am not talking about necessary cosmetic surgery, but those of choice because you feel is the answer and solution to an issue or issues just because you are ageing and want to look younger than your actual age. Now why would you want to put yourself under the knife only because you are getting older instead of growing old gracefully naturally?

Ones age and appearance has become such an issue that it is almost as if becoming old is a flaw especially for women; it is expected to be denied or at least delayed through some cosmetic form…. Just take a look around you at the mass media’s worshipping of young sexually attractive and wrinkle-free women… I ask, are they true and honest representatives of real women, or should I just say reality? How much attention is actually being invested in yourself internally instead of externally, as the focus on your appearance goes beyond just cosmetic changes? “It’s no longer about trying to keep up with the Jones, but instead trying to be the Jones.”….

These days people appear mainly concerned with how they look on the outside of their lives by showing off their quality of living through all sorts of external factors that make them feel worthy; for example, their clothes, cars, homes, types of bars and restaurants they go to, holidays taken and so on.

Don’t get me wrong, paying attention to living a pleasurable, delightful, enjoyable, good life is important and can be both exciting and rewarding also. Although the ways in which you view your spiritual and emotional life are important because it could be dangerous just paying attention only to the material and or physical side of your life, as the possibility is that you could end up hiding behind them or perhaps draw meanings from things that are not meant to provide for it.

For example, if the goal of your surgery is just to paint over the feelings you have – like you would do with a picture you were painting – and are experiencing on the inside, then you are not really doing yourself any favours by going ahead with cosmetic surgery. It is not the solution, and the joy will be short-lived… All that surgery for what as all your emotional problems will surface again because you have not actually dealt with the core issue or issues on the inside.

However, if by having cosmetic surgery helps make you feel better about a specific trait you have and you feel has held you back from being completely confident, happy and relaxed with yourself, for example, your nose is noticeably crooked and genuinely affects your day to day living, then by all means consider having cosmetic surgery, but, if you are content on the inside and not bothered about it, then why not leave well alone?
Fixating on any form of cosmetic surgery as an answer, is only asking for trouble. For instance you are experiencing some problems in your marriage and also feeling insecure with yourself that you decide to have a facelift to look younger believing it will be the solution and make things better, but what has actually transpired, is that you are now stuck with the idea that an external change will fix what is going on, when really, all you are doing is preventing yourself from looking inside yourself, which is where you more than likely are going to find the real answer and solution to your marriage.

Take care of what you have internally prior to any decision you make pertaining to your external self. Make sure that before you go ahead with cosmetic surgery in any of its forms that it is for the right reason and purpose and not just for vanity… besides, most of the pictures you see in the media have been airbrushed giving a false impression of which many are sucked in by. Be the real you…. So, which is the true you? ☺ Embrace the true you.

“It is the quality of the contents that make a book and not just its cover alone, for what good is a book without quality?”

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