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Court of the mob


What rattles me about the MOB, including those who stand by and just make videos of such madness, is the penchant to strip such women naked…with some prodding their ‘privates’ with sticks.

Not a few videos of a kind have come my way, courtesy of friends who “just share.”Thanks to their efforts…someone like me actually gets to know what’s going on.
Most popular are videos of women accused of various offences, from committing adultery to pilfering and, as claimed in some of the videos, trying to kill somebody.

What rattles me about the MOB, including those who stand by and just make videos of such madness, is the penchant to strip such women naked…with some prodding their ‘privates’ with sticks.

And then comes the injuries being inflicted with sticks and other weapons at hand. What comes to mind is the sexual depravity of individuals who hide behind “the mob” to perpetuate all sorts.

Only a sexually depraved individual would think it appropriate to strip anybody -especially a woman (no matter her offence) naked and begin to prod her ‘privates’ with sticks…

Even you that is busy making video of such madness, probably for ‘social media entertainment’…you are NO better! If a woman or anybody for that matter has committed any offence…HAND HER OVER TO THE POLICE.

Yes, lock him/her up. If it’s your woman that is caught doing something bad and you don’t want to marry again, kindly send her away. But for goodness sake…don’t debase her through a mob court. It doesn’t portray you in a good light.

This is the time for the Nigerian Police to rise up to the occasion. Put out a notification that it’s actually an offence for anybody or group of persons to take matters of this nature into their own hands. Set an example with a few people-so that the rest can regain their senses.

The video makers are culprits, too. It is an infringement on another’s privacy.Where are the NGOS tackling social issues? Here’s a worthy cause for you as well. Embark on some enlightenment campaigns. Make people understand that IT IS NOT JUSTICE when you set up a MOB COURT on anybody-no matter their offence. Especially one that seems to comprise of sexually depraved individuals. Nobody should be debased in such manner.

Like everything that has to do with the MOB…some of these accusations are not even substantiated but that is story for the gods because all a MOB COURT needs to hold is a shout.I mean, we don’t even know when someone, a scorned lover for example, is spearheading such-out of spite.

By the way, whose right is it to dictate what two consenting adults do with their lives? You read me right…what right does anybody have to lay a finger on another accused of committing adultery?

Is there a law in Nigeria against who sleeps with who, based on marital status yet? Moral values are a personal decision. And so, it’s really nobody’s (let alone a MOB! #hiss#) business who another slept or didn’t sleep with. These mob courts seem to hold on vulnerable fellows in the community and this is where the rest of us should come in.

Ignorance is also a huge factor here. Otherwise, victims should know to simply call the police in such circumstances. And set an example with some known faces in the mob.

To shop owners…if anybody is caught pilfering in your premises, please hand him or her over to the POLICE and NOT to a MOB!Nigeria is not exactly the best place to be involved in a serious accident, when the authorities are not in sight. The mob mentality here is in the extreme. Imagine an accident victim being surrounded by the number of people that’s enough to suffocate him/her, with some pouring water on him while others are forcing him (someone that’s bleeding profusely) to sit up…when some clinic that could offer first aid at least, is just across the road!

I admit that they are trying to be helpful but then again-it behoves on our medical practitioners to do more in terms of enlightening the public on the safest ways to assist accident victims on what to do and what not to do. This should actually be like some jingles being sponsored by the federal government, state governments and the various medical societies in the country.

Another disappointing issue is the attitude of vehicle owners in this part of the world. People should find it in their hearts to stop and lend a helping hand at such situations-for goodness sake it could be anyone’s relative out there. How can someone be at the point of death, and people are comfortable speeding by? And those who slowed down only do so to watch the scene behind their wound-up car windows.

I do admit that people are being security-conscious, but the force of our humanity should surpass the power of our fears. We must learn to be brotherly by slowing down to lend a helping hand where necessary!

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