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Dabira women’s conference 2016!!

By Grace Edibo
24 September 2016   |   4:00 am
The Annual women conference, hosted by the delectable and gorgeous Lara Odebiyi, kicked off on a wet Saturday morning, where women from all walks of life trooped in their hundreds to be a part of a life changing experience.

Amazing couldn’t have passed the word across accurately enough. However, it could come close to what seemed like the best thing to happen to women and youths at this year’s edition of the Dabira Women Conference, which held on the September 10, 2016 at Havilah Events Centre, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.

The Annual women conference, hosted by the delectable and gorgeous Lara Odebiyi, kicked off on a wet Saturday morning, where women from all walks of life trooped in their hundreds to be a part of a life changing experience. This year’s theme was tagged “Finding your inner Genius” with particular emphasis on equipping and encouraging the average Nigerian woman and youth to be enterprising, successful and most importantly, be the change the world needs.

On the special day, the weather was not friendly, as it rained cats and dogs. But that did not stop the crowd of beautiful women from gracing the event that comes only once in a year. It would only take the sky touching the ground to stop anyone from partaking in such an event.“In my twenties, I had a dream of owning my own glass office and directing people to do things, and yes, I currently work in a glass office and I am actually directing people.”

Those were the words of the CEO of Ruff ‘n’ Tumble, Mrs. Adenike Ogunlesi, who was one of the speakers at the conference. Mrs. Ogunlesi was a delight to listen to, as she spoke in detail how she started from scratch to where she is now. She advised that women should learn to visualise where they see themselves and work towards achieving their dream through hard work and tenacity.

Vivian Ihaza spoke on “Making your brand work for you.” Branding, value creation, “it is very important to know your strength and maximise it towards servicing clients better,” she said. She also spoke about time management and how it is a great factor in business. She rounded up by saying “Consistency in your brand is very important.” It is one thing to have a business idea or even own a business, but it doesn’t just end there, says Vivian Ihaza.

The panelist hosted by Actress Tosin Sido had three amazing women discuss on “Women Breaking The Silence.” Audrey Abayomi, a clinical Psychologist, spoke explicitly on the state of mind of a human and how it can affect our everyday life, if it’s not in a good state. She also spoke about the importance of speaking out. In her words: “It is very important to ensure things are not bottled up within you, always SPEAK OUT.” She also advised that sharing a problem with someone is very important, as it helps a situation.

Yinka Enahoro, a Girl child mentor, emphasised more about the healing process of confronting a situation by speaking out towards achieving a solution. Donna Ogunnaike, a lawyer and renowned poet spoke expressively. Her words: “whether you are a Christian or Muslim or atheists, you must understand what your set of beliefs are, and how they conform with the source of your beliefs. As a Christian woman, I don’t see gender, and I don’t see myself as subservient to men. I see only spirit and know full well that I am who I am, within the I Am.”

All three speakers shared personal experiences and how they found solution by first speaking out!
Mfon Ekpo, CEO, The Discovery Centre, spoke immensely on Finding Your Inner Genius, tapping into our innermost strengths and the need to constantly train oneself. “Investing in training is the best step towards achieving results in any area of choice. No amount of money is too much to pay to acquire knowledge,” she said.

The Host, Lara Odebiyi, acknowledged that all the speakers were perfect for this year’s conference, because she spent months praying for the right speakers to help participants find strength from within in all they do. She gave special thanks to the headline partners, Etisalat and Nathaniel Florence Ltd. the 2016 media partners, brand and product support, and all those that believed in the Dabira Woman Network and supported the conference. Deborah Ajobena-Ojo professionally anchored the event.

It was an evening to be remembered for a very long time, judging from the smile on the faces of the attendees. It is also safe to say the conference was, indeed, really worth it.

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