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Diary of a Bored Housewife

By Diamond Woman
22 October 2016   |   2:39 am
TK is a man of his words especially when he is trying to prove a point. Just as he had said, Bella moved in with us. Surprisingly, she was quite easy to be around.


TK is a man of his words especially when he is trying to prove a point. Just as he had said, Bella moved in with us. Surprisingly, she was quite easy to be around. I figured she had been nasty during my first encounter with her because she felt I had made a fool of her father. Now that TK and I had made up, she was cordial and warm.

Oladunni took an instant liking to her and in a few days I became relegated to the background. As soon as Bella returned from her NYSC job, Oladunni would stay with her until it was time for bed. I was glad and so was TK even though he kept forming bad guy for me. Funsho: Anjola so what are you going to do about meeting your father?

Funsho, Linda and I were having a spa day. We had just finished getting facials and we were now getting pedicures. I had recently informed them on the new developments.

Me: I am confused. My brother has made his position clear on the matter and TK won’t even talk about it. You know there is an issue with my father’s family and his, that we haven’t clarified and his mother just had a heart attack. She was discharged only yesterday. So I can’t even bring it up right now.

Linda: My dear you have been through too much o, if you know this will stir up more trouble in your marriage and with your in-laws please give it a rest! After all, you haven’t had a father all your life and you didn’t turn out badly.

Funsho: Linda how can you talk like this? Even if her father rejects her, it’s still worth a shot. She has to have at least one conversation with the man before she decides she doesn’t want him in her life come on!

Linda: Why? He has known where she was all along, why did he not initiate contact with her? Please this is not worth ruining her marriage and relationship with her brother!

I listened to my friends, they both had very valid points but I knew the decision was ultimately up to me. Funsho: I still think this should be put into perspective before she makes a mistake she might not be able to fix. Anjola whatever you decide we are here for you ok?

Me: Thank you. I don’t know how I would have survived without you girls. You are like the sisters I never had. Linda: Ah you now have another sister o! Bella!

We all laughed.

Me: I’m telling you. The other day I introduced her to the pastor in church as our daughter, the man asked me to call him during the week because I am sure he was wondering how I could have a daughter who is almost my age.

Funsho: The girl is fine sha. She is very pretty. Is she single? You know my brother has just moved back from studying in Canada. He is twenty three. I’m sure they will get along.

Me: TK will hunt all of you down. Abeg don’t involve me.

As the conversation eased to lighter topics

I was happy that despite all that was going on I had a strong support system in my friends. I really needed it. When I got home that evening, Bella was lying in on the couch in the living room watching TV. Bella: Hello Anjola, how was the spa? Me: Great! It was just what I needed. Where’s Oladunni?

Bella: She’s been running around all evening. She fell asleep not too long ago.

Me: (Lol). That’s fine. So how was work today?

Bella: It was ok but I need to come up with a script for a radio campaign for one of our clients by tomorrow. It’s a youth brand and being the youngest in the company, my supervisor thought I should take a shot at it.

Bella was serving in the creative department of an advertising agency.
Me: That sounds fun. So what have you come up with?

Bella: You want to read it?

Me: Sure why not? I have a degree in Mass Communications and a Masters in Marketing you know. Let’s see if I remember a thing or two from my advertising classes.

Bella looked excited and she sprang up on her feet to go and get her notepad from her room upstairs. I smiled, I was really glad we were getting along. Her original draft was pretty good but I was able to give some suggestions and the script turned from good to great.

Bella: This is so cool…Let’s read out to dad when he gets in. You’ll be the guy, I’ll be the girl.

I found it funny but I agreed.

When TK returned from work, Bella made him wait in the living room and she came to drag me all the way from the bedroom upstairs. We acted out the script for TK, I changed my voice into a deep baritone and it was hilarious. I couldn’t remember the last time I saw TK laugh that hard. He looked genuinely happy and I knew it meant a lot to him that his daughter was happy in our home.

Later that evening, as I prepared for bed TK came into our bedroom after spending sometime with Bella.

TK: Anjie, thank you.

Me: For?

TK: Making this easy on Bella. I was so worried about how she would adapt to living here considering all she has been through. Me: TK she is your child and it’s not like you had her while we were married. I am only glad you have been able to build a relationship with her; she’s a really great girl. I think her mother did a good job raising her.

TK: You can say so again. So have you spoken to Afolabi about you two initiating contact with your father?

Me: I’m not sure I’m going to let Afolabi’s feelings towards this influence my decision. I mean I hope he eventually changes his mind but if he doesn’t I won’t miss out on the opportunity to actually hear our father’s side of the story because of that.

TK: You know what that means right?

I nodded. I knew exactly what initiating contact with my father meant. I was waging a fresh war against the Ayo-Kessington family.
A few days later I got a call from Tomike, TK’s younger sister. She told me that The Duchess had requested to see me. It was a Saturday and I reminded her that we were all meeting at the family house the next day for Sunday dinner where Bella was to be formally introduced to her father’s family but Tomike insisted The Duchess wanted to see me before then.

I didn’t tell TK where I was going. I didn’t want him interfering in whatever it was The Duchess was about to say to me. When I got to The Villa, I was ushered into her private quarters. The memories of her heart attack came rushing as soon as I stepped in. The Duchess was seated on a sofa looking pale and fragile.

Me: Good Evening Ma.

The Duchess: Good Evening Anjola. Please have a seat. Me: How are you today Ma?

The Duchess: Feeling better. You look well, pregnancy suits you.

Huh? Did she just pay me a compliment?

Me: Thank you ma.

The Duchess: I guess you are wondering what you are doing here. First of all I heard all you did for me on that fateful day and I want to say thank you. You had every reason to leave me there and walk away, it would probably have made your life much easier but you chose to stay and help me. You saved my life and I am grateful.

I wasn’t expecting such heartfelt gratitude but it felt good. Maybe this would make things with my father easier. I thought to myself. Me: I would never have left you there. You’re my husband’s mother and grandmother to my children. Leaving you there was never an option. The Duchess: You’re a rare breed Anjola. I am beginning to see why Adetokunboh fought for your marriage despite how hopeless it seemed.  That is why I thought I should be the one to explain to you.

Me: Explain what to me?

The Duchess: Why you must keep living your life as though you are not a Badmus.

Me: I don’t understand.

The Duchess: Adetokunboh told me of your intentions to contact your father and possibly pursue a relationship with him. It cannot happen Anjola, and I am sure you understand. I understand the need for an identity and a lineage but you have all of that now that you are an Ayo-Kessington. You no longer have to worry about your roots anymore. This is your family now.

Me: A few weeks ago, I was not good enough to be a part of this family because I had no lineage and pedigree. Now that I have found my roots, and they seem to be a threat to you for whatever reason you welcome me with open arms? What secret are you protecting that is so huge that you would be willing to accept me just to protect it?

I heard a voice answer from behind; it was TK’s dad.

TK’s Dad: That is what we are about to tell both of you.

I turned around and saw him standing in the doorway. He had just come in with TK.

TK: Anjola what are you doing here?

Me: Your mum called for me. What are you doing here? TK came towards me.

TK: I am here because my dad called and said he needed to see me urgently. Obviously they wanted us to be here at the same time, and my mother knew if she asked me here I would not come.

Me: Why?

The Duchess: Because my son has stopped speaking to me ever since I told him I would cut him out of my will if he allowed you establish a relationship with your father or make your relationship with him public and I stand by my decision.

TK’s father addressed The Duchess.

TK’s Dad: Adenike that is not why we are here! No one is cutting anyone off! We are here to have a civil conversation and reach a compromise like we agreed.

The Duchess: There is nothing to be compromised here. It’s not happening!

TK’s Dad: Enough! I am the man of this family and I will make the final decisions here today!

I was stunned. I had never seen TK’s dad stand up to The Duchess like that. He was usually quiet and docile around her. To my greater surprise The Duchess remained mute. TK: Anjola, you don’t have to listen to this. I have done some thinking and like I told my dad earlier, I don’t care about whatever is going on between the two families, you are my wife and you and our daughters are my first priority. That’s the family I care about. If you want a relationship with your father, you have my blessings and I will support you even at the risk of being disinherited. We will build our own legacy for our children.

TK’s reassuring words brought tears to my eyes. I just really needed to know I had his support and I knew I could face any challenge. TK’s Dad: Tokunboh, while your unwavering loyalty to your wife is admirable, it is not realistic given the circumstances. This is not only about the undying love you two share.

The Duchess: Aha! Finally we are on the same page.
TK’s Dad: For the last time Adenike keep quiet! Otherwise you will be confined to your bedroom for the rest of this meeting. It is your stubborn behavior that has brought us all here in the first place!

TK: Dad please can someone just tell us what this is about for crying out loud!
TK’s Dad: Ok. Please Anjola I don’t expect this to be easy on you but you are a strong woman, you can handle it.
Me: What won’t be easy on me?

TK’s Dad: The truth about your father and his family.

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