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Do you make a difference?



We are all blessed with many gifts and one set of these gifts are the unique set of skills and abilities we each have; and with these, we are capable of making extraordinary things happen within our world  around us, or perhaps not.

It is entirely up to us whether we want to make a difference and just what type of difference we want to occur and make to our lives.
There are many who set goals in their lives that contain an air of loftiness. Some would like to change and save the world and be remembered as a visionary whilst some others would rather be remembered as the person who helped, listened and was kind to the person down the road for example… Hmmmmmm…. I wonder, who would you consider to be the better person of the two types? Would it be the one who saves an individual, or the one who changes the world?

Have you stopped to think that you don’t necessarily have to do incredible things as just being there for people who are around you could save someone from having a life of meaninglessness and assist them in leading the life they’re meant to.


The little things in life do matter and are very important. Helping with changing the life of another person or persons is most definitely such an incredible feeling that is within the grasp of us all. This can be achieved for example by becoming a mentor for the young and ambitious helping them to avoid the errors that you once made and learn from the mistakes that they themselves shall inevitably make at some point or another. Often, we see people being treated unfairly be it socially and or professionally… people who rightly deserve a form of recognition but however, do not receive it.

There are times in life when you need to fight for someone’s rights and make sure they get what they have rightfully earned and deserve. Such an act will have a lasting impact on their lives even perhaps make you a true hero in the eyes of the individual or individuals and in turn yo will be rewarded not only with love but also help as is required when you, should you become of need in the future.

Whatever you do you will get back three fold says the law of karma…. Therefore, helping others could be considered an act of selfishness albeit still a good one that should be carried out with wisdom, love and without fear with the knowledge that one day you shall be rewarded; help because you genuinely and sincerely want to and not with the expectation of wanting something back in return.


It is said that “compromise is the enemy of long term commitment”… Once you have made a commitment to something or someone e.g. fighting for their rights, being a mentor etc, you must go the distance and see it through to the end and not stop half way ensuring that it is not just talk and a result or results are ascertained.

The difference between finishing and stopping half way isn’t so much about the work you put in for the individual; it is worlds apart in the difference for the person or persons. However and for whatever reason you choose to assist someone, it helps you in return as a person as by helping others brings into your life happiness and prosperity.

Perhaps we are only here to make the best of the situation, or situations, for ourselves or could it be we are just part of a machine that encourages the development of cooperation, or not? …. There again, maybe, we are here to help each other?


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