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Don’t over-indulge your child this season


The Christmas season comes with its excitements especially for kids, they are aware school is on holidays, and then fun, attending parties, visiting Santa Clause, family and friends, receiving gifts will become the order of the day. But then, what can be regarded as too much for your child.

Co-founder, MomsAreCaring and parenting enthusiast, Mercy Christian, said: “Right now, I expect parents to be disciplined in their spending. They should not tend to please everybody by emptying their bank accounts just because it’s Christmas. They should remember that there is another responsibility awaiting them tomorrow and it will require money to run it.

“Whatever plans you have in mind, discipline demands that you plan your budget ahead for the season. For instance, if parents have an intention of buying new clothes, shoes and other accessories for their children, relatives and themselves, just to be in their best this Christmas, knowing fully well that their current budget cannot meet those demands, then they are not important for now except otherwise.


“The decision is left for them to take. But I believe that even at the expense of forfeiting some of the things mentioned above for some certain reasons, you can still wear your best outfits if checked properly from your wardrobe.  You can still look your best and nobody will be able to question you on whether your clothes and accessories are newly bought or not.”   

She said that parents should take advantage of this period to instill values in their children by exposing them to out-door activities not just for pleasure but also for educational purposes. Children should also be taught on how to be ‘Good Samaritans’ by reaching out to the less privileged with whatever they can afford. They should learn to be a blessing to someone who doesn’t have what it takes to enjoy this Christmas. Parents should also encourage their children to explore more in the area of their interest. In addition to this, domestic values should be instilled to their children.

On enhancing cognitive development of a child, Christian said that when children are given the opportunity to be exposed and explore in their best interest, it would improve their cognitive development. It will help them learn various things, which will build their maturity as they grow. 

She advised that parents should not always give in to everything their children ask for. It doesn’t show how much you love them but how much you’re ruining them. In this case, parents should learn to say no, where necessary. It is for the good of their wellbeing. One thing that should be a mantra to parents is, “it is not how much you give to your children but how much you teach them that determines their success in life.”

While stressing that it is important to engage your children in fun activities wisely, Christian noted that discipline is key and we must embrace it as parents, because there are many important things that need to be done in the nearest future. “Before we execute any project, we must plan first and then list them down in accordance of their priorities and work on the important ones. This exercise will keep parenting in order. So as parents, we are expected not to be reckless in over-doing things even if we have the means.


“If what your children need is necessary and benefiting, then it’s left for the parents to make decision on whether to carry out the responsibility or not. Also, parents should teach their children how to be content, it is a trait that goes a long way in shaping your child to be a better and more satisfied adult.”

For her, her advice to families on spending this holiday wisely is never to eat too much and drink too much out of over-excitement. This will help them avoid health implications. Don’t eat more than your body can carry especially when visiting different places in just one day. Whatever you have to do should be done in moderation. If you have to visit and you are being served refreshment, it will be wise of you to tell the host you are filled up at the moment and you will be grateful if the food is packaged as take away.

“You are also expected to be more security conscious. Don’t get too excited and forget yourself. Whatever you have to do, wherever places you need to go, please let God lead you first. The thing you may want to do may be important but may in turn cost you to regret later,” she advised.

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