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Double trouble


Every time TK and I reminisce about my time as his PA and how we got involved, we have a good laugh.

TK wasn’t exactly easy to work for…he was temperamental and nothing short of a slave driver. I would have totally hated him but because I was really attracted to him, every time I made up my mind to quit, I got to work the next day saw his seductive smile or lazy grin and decided to give it one more month…I’m such a sucker for good looking men! Lol

Anyways let me gist you how it all started. As attracted as I was to TK, I never imagined I’d have the guts to date my boss! Apparently “Mr. Swagger” as we called him at work, had the antidote to my office romance phobia.

It was a Friday evening and TK was working late so of course I had to work late too. The phone rang at about 9.00pm Me: Good Evening, Octave Asset Management, CEO’s office, Anjola speaking.

Caller: Put Adetokunbo on the phone right away! The female voice said.

I rolled my eyes at whoever it was on the other end. Obviously TK was avoiding a woman hence the need to stay back in the office making me have to stay back as well!

Me: Sorry Ma, Mr. Ayo-Kessington is currently unavailable but I’d be happy to take a message. Caller: Is everything alright with you my dear? The lady asked in an almost threatening manner?

Me: Yes ma. Just doing my job. Would you like to leave a message?
My question was followed by the dial tone. I laughed as I replaced the receiver and continued watching the movie I’d been watching at my desk before the call came in.

Thirty minutes later, the most elegant and impeccably dressed elderly woman I’d ever met walked in. She needed no introductions, I immediately recognized her as TK’s mum. Chief Mrs. Adenike Ayo-Kessington popularly referred to as “The Duchess”. I had heard of her but it was my first encounter with her. I immediately sprung to my feet and greeted her with a curtsey. She did not respond instead she walked right up to me and asked; The Duchess: Are you Anjola?

Me: Yes Ma My response was received with a resounding slap across my left cheek. The Duchess: Don’t you ever talk to me like that again! Insolent little child! With that she brushed past me straight into her son’s office. I couldn’t take it anymore! This was the second time I was being assaulted for doing my job! A few months earlier, Bukky Brown his girlfriend had slapped me because I refused to confirm his whereabouts to her and TK did absolutely nothing about it even though I was acting based on his instructions.

I instantly packed up my bag and left the office. I had made up mind to turn in my resignation letter first thing Monday morning. I got to my flat and fell asleep watching a movie on the couch. At about midnight, I woke up to hear someone pounding on my front door. I was scared and assumed the worst. I ran to the door to find out who it was through the peephole. It was TK! I panicked and opened the door worried that something bad had happened. It was the look on TK’s face that made me aware that I was standing in the doorway in nothing but my underwear!

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