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Easy money syndrome…


Interesting ‘money plays’ has trended since the past couple of weeks. Different actors, one (money) purpose!

I had passed through a section of the market some days back when I saw the pinkish stuff in bottles.

I turned back to ask the shop attendant if that is what they call HIMALAYAN salt. I have often read about it in health journals.

His response came as I had already picked up the bottle to read the label. Boldly written on it was ROAD-OPENER.


Road opener? I asked.

“It’s also called DO AS I SAY,” he quipped.
I didn’t wait for the rest of his explanation as I dropped the bottle. It is difficult to hide one’s irritation with some nonsense.

I am the last person that will believe in the efficacy of these things, but I feel like putting this out there.

Listen, there’s EVERYTHING wrong with a mindset that seeks to obtain (from others) by any form of compulsion.

If it has ever crossed your mind to deploy these DARK approaches in your dealings with others… When it’s hard to understand that you didn’t give anything to anybody to keep for you. And “giving you” SHOULD only come from their willingness but it’s also OK, if they don’t… My dear, if you see gun, you can carry it!

Now, I fear for MEN. And feel for wives.
It was a list (from some ‘empire’’) that was making the rounds on the social media. It boasted of fetish product offerings. I had to look again when I saw the price list of three hundred and fifty thousand naira for one of such.

For what exactly? To catch men? That is even enough a seed money for some million naira entrepreneurial ventures!

Dear ladies, of all the lows that you can go to “make it” in life, this is amongst the LOWEST.


Leave these DARK plays alone. Cultivate a life that you can live with, when the chips are down. It all comes home to roost!

When it was reported that the police authority beamed their torchlight on the big brother of an artist here, some people’s reaction was like “why did he SHOW himself too much”

And it dawned on me that a lot of us don’t even realise how strong the hold of EASY MONEY is.

Expecting anybody with “excess money” not to “show themselves too much” is like asking a pregnant woman to “hide belle”. Extreme flamboyance is the strongest syndrome of easy money.

Even the OGBANJE of Easy Money WILL push you to become socially reckless. Because, it offers a false sense of ‘untouchability.’

Consider the ‘designers wearing’ fellow that is currently cooling off in the hands of a foreign police authority. A government official here had to even chip in her two cents on his matter, when she his situation as ”committing crime and still having the audacity to show off.”

He was said to be all over the social media, showing off wonders on wheels worth millions of local and hard currencies… every few months.

And of course, his “show” wasn’t complete if he had not called attention to his designers’ ensemble.

It’s very difficult to contain the PUSH (to OVER-DO) of easy money!


Consider the ”Invictus” one…do you think all that FORBES AFRICA ‘hyping’ would have been garnered by “not showing himself too much”?

Easy Money simply pushes you to socially OVER-DO… somehow! … very IN YOUR FACE causing something.

After all, the point of ”too much money” is to make world people “loyal”. How will they behave if you don’t SHOW them ‘levels’?

This I know, though… The money that is SWEATED for is hardly IN YOUR FACE…at least, not brashly so. SWEATING for anything (especially money) TRAINS you in the process.

The first thing it takes away from you is the insensitive disposition of “money answereth all things”. It drills certain values in one…so much so that when you eventually catch your breath, you just want to HAVE MONEY in peace. And it instills in one a preference for the exposure that diligent strides (and not opulence) offers.

Easy money is the one that “announces” you noisily…because everything about it is IN YOUR FACE.

As for the claim of flagrant abuse of police escorts on the part of the artist’s sibling, reality remains that, whoever sanctioned that withdrawal ‘has finished’ those police escorts. If given a choice, they will drop “uniform” to go work fully for him.

He probably takes better care of them than their formal employer The INDIGNITY of that uniform is systemic. It didn’t start with him and will unfortunately NOT end with this saga.

As you read this, a policeman (somewhere in Nigeria) is probably running domestic errands for his Oga’s girlfriend. But, that is beside the point!


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