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Envy: You are not alone when you earnestly desire what others have


Just like jealousy, some researches have shown that envy could be a good or bad emotion. It is bad because it can call for extreme vulnerability, while you are supposed to celebrate the achievements of others; you begin to feel indifferent and insecure about them.

It can be good also because it serves as a driving force that pushes you to aim higher. Well personally, I believe the later is not always the case.

Envy is a feeling of fear and anxiety that comes to play when you feel threatened by someone who is smarter, richer and generally better than you. What makes it really bad is that it’s a vice that can trigger some other negative emotions like anger, hate, anxiety and bad temper.

However studies have shown that even children as young as six months can feel unease when their mothers interacts with others, shifting their attentions from them. So you are not alone if you are envious of people sometimes.

Here is where the problem lies, just like I felt this past week, envious people are more easily distracted and less able to perform better. When you are envious of others, it’s your problem not theirs.

This is because you occupy your mind with vulnerable thoughts of them.
How do you manage your envious self? To begin with, you have to admit that you are envious of someone. Tell yourself “I know I am insecure about this person”.

Then talk to people about it. Although this takes a lot of might, you can also talk to the person you feel anxious about, this helps you face your problem and increases your emotional development level.

It can also give them opportunity to share their secret success stories with you so you can measure up to their rank or even do better.

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