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Everything begins with a vision


To have a vision is to be able to chart the course for your life. Having a vision gives you the ability to see what can be possible. It provides you with a glimpse of what your life can become. You must protect your vision at all times because your vision is the gateway to your future. Do you know that your passion is linked to something you visualized as a child or perhaps as an adult thought about fondly and consistently? Our vision ends up becoming our purpose in life.

Tony Dungy, a professional footballer and retired coach said something that I hold dear, he said: “The first step toward creating an improved future is developing the ability to envision it. Vision will ignite the fire of passion that fuels our commitment to do whatever it takes to achieve excellence.

Only vision allows us to transform dreams of greatness into the reality of achievement through human action. Vision has no boundaries and knows no limits. Our vision is what we become in life.”

As you get older there is a tendency to become jaded or apathetic to the importance of vision. Outside influences such as family, friends and society as well as external pressures can cause one to shift focus away from their vision. My advice to you is to hold onto your vision no matter how difficult life becomes. Vision is a source of hope; it’s the source of courage; it’s the source of perseverance in the midst of difficulty.

Most importantly please do not let anyone not even a significant other derail you from achieving your vision. If you have to compromise or forgo your dreams in order to appease or please someone else then you are doing yourself and God a disservice. Do not stand in the way of yourself. So many people are their worst own enemy because they indulge in negative self-thought and let doubt and indecision cloud their minds. Remember that everyone on earth has a specific mission and purpose to accomplish in life. Every vision is Divine which is exactly why there are so many forces that want you to give up on your dreams.

In order to protect the vision you have for your life, you need to: write it down; next believe in your heart that you can achieve it; third ask for guidance and direction from people you trust and from those who can help you get there. I know that some people might say, ‘I have a big vision, but where do I start? I don’t have money, I have no resources, no people, no contacts.’ But you should remember one thing when the voice of doubt comes: You have the greatest asset in the world to begin with; you have your own mind and your own self. You are your best resource.

My name is Iyum, I am struggling with believing in myself. My friends are accomplishing their goals and I feel like I am being left behind. I have what it takes but I can’t help but feel hopeless and disappointed that I am not measuring up. What should I do to keep pressing on?

Thank you for your question and being so vulnerable and open. One thing I want you to realise is that everyone’s path in life is different. In addition, everyone’s timing in life is also as unique as a fingerprint. I do not want you to think that because your friends are accomplishing their goals that somehow make you less than or less worthy. Their time of celebration may be today and yours may be tomorrow but at the end you both have the same outcome. I want you to focus on your goals and what you need to do to accomplish them. Keep your eyes focused on your journey and be rest assured that your time to celebrate is coming.

Most importantly, keep your heart clean and expectant of good things so that you will be able rejoice with others with the full understanding that their accomplishments have no bearing on your own appointed time to shine or future success. One last thing I will leave you with is that comparison is the thief of joy. When you compare yourself to others, you do yourself and God a disservice by disregarding your uniqueness and purpose in life.

Nothing good comes from comparing yourself to others. Comparison can breed jealousy, envy, insecurity and even hatred. So please be mindful not to compare yourself to others, the only time you should focus on others is to draw inspiration and guidance. No matter how difficult things may seem always remember that delay does not mean denial. Wishing you peace, joy and an expectant heart.

Yetunde Odugbesan-Omede, Ph.D, is a Professor of Global Affairs and Founder of Young Woman’s Guide Inc. For advice on life, career, relationships and more please email Dr. Yetunde at

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