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Failure is an advantage in life… See it for the actual asset that it is




“I don’t believe in if only… but that experiences in life provide knowledge and equips us with renewed strength”. © By M.H.I. Alade 25th September 2016.

There are always a lot of positives that one can take from failure. Unfortunately many more often dwell on the negatives and in many a case due to such a choice, if made, loose out on the learning curve that is actually embedded within failure.

From the “ordinary” person’s point of view, failure is the worst thing that can happen to anyone… but is it really? In my opinion failure has got its advantages and can be considered an actual asset after all is failure not knowledge? Is it not part of your life journey toward learning and success? Yes, the feeling of failure is a natural human experience; however, the important thing is not allowing it to hinder your ability of realising your life dreams.

Unfortunately within our human make up there is a part of us that seems to have been conditioned to accept failure to some degree causing it to take some prominence in our lives, and, if we allow this to be the case it shall continue to exist. Instead, learn how to manage it to your advantage and overcome “failure”.


Failure and success begins in your mind. You have the power of being either a winner or a loser within your mind-set and self. You have the choice of cultivating a positive outlook and approach and this is of vital importance toward building a strong foundation for your dreams.
Surely this is a better alternative than having a negative mind-set and trying to build your dreams upon a weak foundation? Yes, you can build on a weak foundation if you choose to do so, but keep in mind the challenge comes when there is a storm…. Ask yourself, would you really want to build your house on a weak foundation? After all it is inevitable that it is bound to collapse, although, yes, the same could also happen to the house you built on the strong foundation. The point here is that if you have a positive mentality you will see your failure as a learning experience and will apply the lesson, or lessons learnt into the rebuilding process endeavouring to make sure there are no repeats of any of the errors you had made previously and keep moving forward and growing. On the other hand, if you choose to look at things through a negative mind-set, then the chances are you shall continue to encounter failure, not growing nor moving forward, but instead, increasing the possibility of maybe remaining stagnant in life all because your mind has not conditioned itself to rebuilding due to the fear of possibly experiencing failure all over again and again.

With every experience of failure you can deduce a value, hence the asset within it. The value of any failure is a source of comfort and positivity you acquire and take from that whole experience. Everything that you learnt from it now becomes your asset thereby strengthening you which in turn is enabling you to deal with any challenges in life that you come across in the future.

There are two types of people when it comes to failure. The first type of people being the ones who see it as the end of their lives… falling back into their comfort zones and shells. The other type are those who don’t beat themselves up, but instead, would rather take the initiative to start over allowing themselves a second chance to succeed in life thereby creating hope for their future.


Find the courage that is within you and build yourself a strong foundation. Keep in mind that there is always a way forward, but if you focus on “the failure” then chances are you just may miss the path that leads to the destination of your dream, or dreams. So, turn those negative tables around and enough with all the negative thinking. Learn to think positively at all times and don’t ever give up when you fail but instead, dust your socks off and pick up those pieces and start over again. Believe in yourself and your dreams and keep going.
Wise words spoken by Thomas A. Edison…. ”I have not failed; I’ve found 10,000 ways that won’t work”.

Marvellous, I love this quote by Thomas A. Edison for he certainly put a different spin on ones perspective of failure. He sums up the advantage as well as substantiating the asset that lies within failure.

“Failure is not failure, it is a learning curve.” © By M.H.I. Alade 25th September 2016
Stop beating yourself up when you experience some form of failure along the path of your life journey and be positive in your outlook of things. See its advantages and the asset that it actually is.

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