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Five genius DIY storage hacks you should try today


03-storage-lifeinvelvet-s2Not everyone can be lucky enough to have all the space they want to store/arrange bits and pieces and as a result, your space can quickly become overwhelmed with clutter.

Some others may have all the space they need but because they do not have the faintest idea on how to arrange things effectively, they also find themselves overwhelmed with clutter and begin to think they need a bigger space.

You actually don’t need a bigger space and this would aim to guide you on simple projects you can carry out yourself in your spare time to bring order to your home without necessarily spending much.


Mirror Makeover
This is a simple yet effective way to keep several odds and ends and the awesome part is that you get to look at yourself right before stepping out of your home and immediately you get home. The little cubicles can store keys, lint rollers, bags, umbrellas, loose change and any other thing you think can fit into it.

Rolling Storage
Do you have some empty space under your bed or couch but don’t want plastic under-bed organizers? Call your local carpenter (if you cannot do it) to help you with some rolling crates. You don’t have to keep coolers under your bed again and the best part is that it is easy to access your storage, thanks to the little wheels.

Canvas Basket
Few things are as versatile as a large canvas basket, they can hold clothes, blankets and bed sheets, scarves, stuffed toys or any number of soft items. All you need is a plain basket and some paint and you are good to go.
Fabric Lined Crates
We see this crates and slates being used as firewood around us but there are so many other things they can be used for in the home. You can knock the crates together and use some fabric to line the inside. If you want, you can apply some paint on the outside to make it more beautiful and catchy. You can store so many things in these crates, toys, books and so on.

Tin Can Organizer
Everyday, owambe, everyday jollof rice and we use several of these tomato paste tins and promptly discard them. They can be useful in storing those little things that usually get lost when you need them the most like scissors, pens and pencils, nail cutter, safety pins, clips and so on. The ‘tin can office organizer’ is not just very chic and cute, it is also very easy to make. All that is needed is the tins and some paint and you are good to go.

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