Monday, 6th December 2021
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Foundations partner to mentor schoolgirls in marginalised Eastern communities

By Ijeoma Thomas-Odia
23 October 2021   |   3:04 am
A Non-Profit Organisation focused on empowering, promoting girl child education and gender equity, Dare Women for Change Initiative, partnered with D’survivor Hub...

Students of Community Secondary School, Okoahia Isiala Mbano, Imo State after a mentoring session

A Non-Profit Organisation focused on empowering, promoting girl child education and gender equity, Dare Women for Change Initiative, partnered with D’survivor Hub, in the Becoming Phenomenal mentorship programme for Senior Secondary schoolgirls in marginalised communities in Eastern Nigeria.

The initiative, targeted at education, Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR), advocacy, capacity building and mentorship in the last three months mentored and groomed young girls in a beyond the classroom programme.

Through the guide of six mentors and 20 accountability partners, the programme impacted 200 girls in Okoahia Community Secondary School, Isiala Mbano Imo state and Day Secondary School Enugu state in Nigeria, respectively covering mind-blowing sessions on Self-Discovery. Mindset Development, Personal Development, Personality Development, and Career Development.

According to the founder, Dare Women For Change Initiative, Regina Chigaemezu, “the Becoming Phenomenal mentorship programme was birthed to help young girls chart their path to becoming. It is the decade of future forward females, an era of inclusiveness and with the rise of women leading change in different sectors/spheres of influence, taking up age-long discredited positions, its evident that the epic shift for females is happening.

“Society has begun to reckon with the humanness and potentials of women. However, only a prepared woman who understands her inner strength and channels it to breaking obscurity and mediocrity will be featured.”

Chigaemezu noted that the programme is inspired by her book Becoming Phenomenal, which she wrote for every woman who desires to be and do more but is faced with the challenge of how to start. It identified limiting factors that affect women becoming, proffers practical and possible pathways to journeying aright and insists unmatched confidence as key to start and sustain a worthwhile journey.

She stressed that it is aimed at nurturing the minds, equipping and polishing the stars in young girls. The programme empowered the girls with beyond the classroom knowledge to help them make informed life decisions. Become intentional with their journey to personal development and develop the right mindset to living purposefully. It is also aimed at building their confidence to prevent domestic abuse and trash gender limiting stereotypes that hinder them from becoming more, having more, and doing more for society.

At the end of the mentorship sessions, through the post-test analysis administrated on the students, the team recorded tremendous positive feedback. One of the mentees, Miss Lemuwa Favour said the programme caused great improvement of her sense of self. “I am more aware and confident and I believe that my dreams are valid.”

According to counsellor and computer teacher at Okoahia Community Secondary School Mrs. Duru Charity, the “behavioural change, confidence, and poise of the students after the period of mentorship was evident. And the school administration recommends the programme and look forward to more of its kind for the students.”