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Tunji stood there staring at me in shock. The petite beauty behind him eventually shoved him out of her way and suddenly we were standing face to face. For some reason, I remained firmly planted blocking the entrance.

She looked at Tunji, waiting for him to say something. Tunji looked at me and gave me our familiar “behave-yourself” look, I retorted with my silent “don’t- even-go – there” look, he obviously still remembered it and sighed in defeat. He was used to me by now, ten thousand wild horses would not be enough to move me from the doorway and this he knew.

“Alicia please can my driver take you to yours so I can sort out things here. I’ll come over later”. He whispered to his….companion. Her jaw almost dropped to the ground. He was dismissing her. Tosin would be so proud of me right now. In my mind, I was doing a little victory dance but I remained calm externally.


“You’ve got to be kidding me! Are you seriously asking me to leave for her”? She asked.

“No babes ….”He tried to take her arm to lead her to the car but she shoved him out of her way and marched angrily towards the car. I made sure she got in and the driver zoomed off before I went back into the house. An angry Tunji badged into the house after me.

“Adesewa what is the meaning of this nonsense? What are you doing in my house?” He asked. He was visibly livid and I stepped back in fear. “I needed to talk to you”. I said.

“About what? Isn’t that what phones are for? What made you think I would be open to having you here in a seductive dress waiting for me to return from work”? He asked. He was yelling and I knew he was really really mad at me.

“I didn’t know how else to approach you”. I said taking yet another step back.

“Approach me for what”? He asked. His eyes spitting fire.

“To tell you I want you back. I want us back”. I said calmly. I had hoped that would calm him down but it seemed to infuriate him more. He threw his briefcase on the floor and punched the wall beside him.

“Leave my house Adesewa. Leave my house now”. He yelled.

Tears formed in my eyes and before I could stop them, they started streaming down my face uncontrollably. It was worth a shot but now I was sure I had lost him forever. I started packing up my things and he stood there watching me.

“I don’t understand you. You moved back here from England so we could get married and start a family like we had been planning for the last nine years. I sent you my staff to help with the running around because I was busy trying to seal up business deals to secure our future. You started a thing that till today you cannot describe with him and not only did you call off our wedding, and embarrass our families, you almost got yourself killed in the process! Now your lover boy has mysteriously disappeared and you realize you want me back simply because you see I have moved on. What exactly is your problem because there is nothing normal about the way you have been acting like a complete maniac”?

Oh no he didn’t! I had decided not to say anything but considering he had just turned everything around on me, I had to clear my own name as well.


“Yes blame it all on me. You were the perfect fiancé and I was the twisted spoilt brat who ruined everything! You are conveniently neglecting the part where I consistently called you out on different women you seemed to be a little too friendly with. What about the fact that since I resigned and moved back home to marry you and start a family you have not for once asked me about my personal plans. All you were concerned about was having the wedding of the year. Between you and my parents everyone was more interested in me taking on your last name than finding out what exactly I wanted to do with my life. So yes, I got distracted by Chigozie but it was because he reminded me of the time when I first met you. When you would take me to funny places to eat and we would go on all sorts of adventurous dates.

All of a sudden you were signing multi-million dollar deals and I was an accessory that was supposed to complete your long collection of awards and plaques. Not once did it occur to you that at some point in our relationship I had gone from being your partner to becoming a pretty shiny thing on your bookshelf. Yet I was brave enough to tell you how I felt and you swept it under the rug because it was “all in my head”! I have loved you all my life, you are my first and only boyfriend. If I pulled the plug at the last minute you should have come after me, a million Chigozies should not have stopped you. You should have reminded me of why we were together in the first place! Now I take initiative again to try and make amends and you ask me to leave…I am so done with you”.

I was also yelling now and the tears were still streaming down my face. He stood there just staring at me.

I packed up the rest of my stuff, and as I tried to walk past him towards the exit; he grabbed my arm and took everything I was holding out of my hands and tossing them on the floor, he pulled me close, all of a sudden I felt like I was losing gravity….floating and that was when he kissed me.
to be continued…


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