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How to get your body confidence level up


Awazi Angbalaga

We all have bodies(lol obviously) and sometimes it’s a little difficult to feel fabulous like Beyonce about our bodies (even Beyonce might feel a little less Beyonce-ish sometimes) and honestly at those times, the last thing we want are underwhelming comments from other people around us. I understand this struggle and i think it is important we know things to do to help grow our confidence in our bodies at those times and every other day.

Here are some tips that help me and can help you too:
● Accept that your body is designed different from other bodies and it is such a
beautiful body
● Accept what you can change and what you can’t.
● Understand that appearance trends that are idealized by the media are not ultimate
and are not standards that you have to keep up with. Like all trends, the craze will
fade soon but you have your body for life.
● Spend time loving and taking care of your body exercising or skincare routines help
people feel better about their bodies

● Be conscious of things you say about your body, try to think and say positive words
of affirmation to yourself, a good place to start will be with 3 compliments daily
● Focus on the other qualities you have that you like
● Stop comparing your body with other bodies
● Wear things that make you feel comfortable, confident and flatter your body. If you
normally wear a size 10 but one particular top in your size doesn’t make you feel your
best, buy a size that makes you feel fabulous and comfortable.
● Stop seeking validation or reassurance from people to make you feel good about
your body. What if it doesn’t come?


● Set realistic body goals
● We are exposed to so much more information in all kind of media by the minute so be conscious of what you feed your mind
● Take a social media break when you feel pressured to look a certain way. Social
media(especially instagram) has people sharing images of themselves and leaves
very little room for imperfection at all. Imperfection also still based off of the perfect idea we have come to know through the media. Encourages people to base their
self-worth on appearances and that is definitely not healthy
● When talking with kids, always use positive words of affirmation and discuss media portrayal of body image with them the moment you catch it. Try not to focus all compliments on their appearance, encourage them about other aspects of their


● Stop judging other people based off of their appearance
● People’s bodies are not your business. Avoid making comments about other
people’s bodies. If you are not giving them a compliment try to avoid it. However, if it
is a health issue that you must address be sure to do so with kindness.
● Give people compliments especially when they seem to be struggling to fit in and look like other people.
● It helps to have people around you who help build you up when you are feeling
down and please try to be that person for someone else.
● Therapy. I know a lot of us don’t like the idea of seeing a therapist but when we are

clearly struggling with mental health it is important to seek professional help.I know these things are easier said than done but it is important to protect your mental health and have a good image of your body. It is normal to feel down in the dumps about how you look sometimes, it happens to all of us. However, If you ever find yourself making comparisons remember that no matter how perfect a person might seem, no one is entirely perfect. There is so much more to us than our looks and we should focus way less on that.

Self-love, body confidence, curvy girls rock, melanin poppin and all like terms are evolutionary hashtags and trends that are changing how the world views what was once deemed ugly or less than perfect and it all starts in our minds. I am sure you’ve figured by now that it’s all about perception. Change yours,
You are beautiful so go forth and flourish in body confidence!

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Awazi Angbalaga
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