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I encourage women to share their story without prejudice – Tolulope Tunde-Ajiboye

By Esther Ijewere
20 October 2018   |   4:05 am
Tolulope Tunde-AJiboye is a dynamic speaker and founder of Blooming Amazons Ministry (BLAM), a for-purpose ministry that is focused on supporting women to discover and live in the reality of being ALL that God has called them to be. She has a burning passion for young marriages, as she got into the institution at a…

Tolulope Tunde-Ajiboye

Tolulope Tunde-AJiboye is a dynamic speaker and founder of Blooming Amazons Ministry (BLAM), a for-purpose ministry that is focused on supporting women to discover and live in the reality of being ALL that God has called them to be.
She has a burning passion for young marriages, as she got into the institution at a young age of 22, being a light to other women in this regards.

WITH the Platform BLAM , she organize conferences for young women particularly between the ages of 22 and 40, the biggest in June called Blooming Conference, with the aim of challenging ladies to live up to their full potential and contribute their quota to transforming the society and the world at large, discussing practical issues that might not be talked about in typical religious settings , as they get mentored and listen to older/thriving stories of other women and how they have attained their success and significance in their respective fields.

She is a graduate of computer science from University of Ilorin, Kwara state and is currently a Year II student at the Rhema Bible Training center, Abuja. Tolu also works at one of the leading commercial banks where she has rendered 10 years of service.

TTA as she is fondly called, is passionate about nation building and helping women live up to their full potential. In June 2018, she was named “Next Generation Female Leader” by Africa women in Leadership Organisation

Being a “Super Mom”, she strongly believes that the importance of strong family values cannot be over-emphasised and it is possible to be successful at the market place and also at the home front, Her life’s goal is to stir up an awakening in women, both young and old to live at their best.

She is happily married to Babatunde Chukwuma Ajiboye , a seasoned Public servant and their ten years union is blessed with four godly seeds. Tolu shares her story in this interview in celebration of her birthday today.

Childhood Influence
I’ve always been a pacesetter, even as a young girl, I was that person who would always speak out against injustice. I was able to confront issues that a child of my age won’t even go near.

I remember when my mum had to move to Abuja when the head office of parastatals was moved from Lagos, she was confused, because she didn’t want to leave her family, but the truth was, we needed her to take that job. Our family needed it, As a 13years old girl, I was the one who counselled her and Make her see reasons she had to take it. We are forever grateful for that decision

Meet Me!
I’m a Child if God, Wife of a King which makes me a queen, Mother of four amazing children and I run Blooming Amazons, asides that , I have a 9-5 at a commercial bank.

Inspiration behind BLAM
I would say BLAM was a divine call. I look at all the happenings in my life and I can say they are all a pointer to God divinely choosing me to run this. I didn’t choose Him, He chose me.

The birth came as a need, the religious platforms are the most explored avenues for counselling, but how good are the quality of these counsels, with the stereotype , Judgmental attitude and shame. There was a need for a platform to share their story just as it is and know that irrespective of their past, they can still be ALL God has created them to be

The Conference
Our last conference was in June, we had over 800 women in attendance. We are very deliberate about the ambience of our conference, we want every lady feeling and being treated like a queen, that is one of our core. We had a line up of amazing speakers who didn’t only impart the women spiritual, but also shared a lot of wisdom and knowledge with them. My mum was one of our speakers and it was so nostalgic for me, remembering how things weren’t so perfect earlier in life, but seeing it all coming together, that feeling was priceless.

Well, because this kind of ministry that encourages women to tell their story without prejudice is relatively new in my side of town, and the popular message of condemnation(which isn’t the gospel) and was was being challenged, so individuals tried to discredit me, I see it as all part of the process.

Also, hosting a first class conference is expensive, but God has got it all covered.

Other Projects
In July, we took over 120 women at the cinema to see a movie, Acrimony, that helped them relax and we had a guest speaker who brought out the morals of the story line.

We also offer a counselling platform, a shoulder to lean on. I’m also hosting a life class

In August, where I will be sharing life lessons from my 20years of walking with God, 10years of being married, 10years of parenting and 10years of being a professional.

In December, we will be hosting 4 reputable women, Rev Laurie Idahosa, Pastor Seun Uwubanmwen, Mrs Ochuko Momoh and Mrs Nkechi Harry Ngonadi (NHN) who will be mentoring we the younger ladies at a meeting for 100 women.

We also have a mental health conference in the pipeline. These are some of our works

My reward
My greatest reward will have to be hearing that a woman’s life has been transformed by the work that we do. It makes it all worth it.

Relying on God’s plan in 5 years
Honestly, Without meaning to sound spooky, I don’t have a 5year plan. I’m just this surrendered girl, just saying Yes Sir!!! to my master, wherever He leads, I will follow. I trust He’s Too big to mismanage this.

On giving up
Before the conference in June, many times I just felt like giving up and calling it a day, but God is just amazing, for every time I felt that way, He always had someone by me, encouraging me and cheering me on, making me see why I can’t afford to quit, not because of me, but the destinies connected to me. Infact, on the day of the conference, I was visibly trembling, but I went on by His Grace. Courage isn’t the absence of fear, but not being crippled by the fear.

My Inspiration
Jesus is my biggest inspiration. My heart cry failing to be like Him, be like my father, but I have some ladies who inspire me too, Bobbie Houston of Hillsong, I trust God that one day our conference will be celebrated and impactful like the Colour conference, also Sarah Robert-Jakes, Infact, I’m already making plans to attend the woman evolve conference next year. Others are My big Sister Tara Durotoye and Funto Ibuoye

Balancing work and the home front
Well, I’m thankful I married the man for me, ABC ( as I like to call him, His initials) is very supportive. Then I have a support system, God has placed people in my life who help to make it easy. I also know when to just switch off and focus on what’s most important.

Being a woman of rubies
I’m a woman of rubies because I’m supporting other women to become….

On women understanding the power of prayer
I will like to say Yes, that’s why you see women are the most in religious gathering. Prayer is us admitting that we need God and a show of surrender, knowing on our own, we can do nothing.