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Is love at first sight appropriate?


Williams Shakespeare in one of his writings said: “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.” Different writers have in their wisdom harped on this aphorism, using it to express their love for a particular person.

As humans, we most times visualize things or people we fancy and overtime begin to build emotions around them. Some say its infatuation, while others have described it as daydreaming. Whichever divide you stand, it is a universal truth that one can fall in love with a man at first sight.

When a lady comes across her dream man, her emotions take the better part of her. She would do all things within her reach to get him. Most times, however, this becomes difficult when both are meeting for ‘the very first time!’


Loving a man you are meeting or coming across for the very first time does not make you a whore, but simply tells anyone that cares to know that you are a lady that knows what she wants and determined to get it. It simply tells your motto of, ‘see him, catch him.’ It shows determination and many ladies have missed their dream man, while trying to be modest and foolishly playing the ‘hard-to-get’ game, which most times is irritating to many men, especially where there are droves of contenders.

With all sense of belonging, catch on the situation; never let slip by and be the lady you are.Could this be a case of love at first sight or an illusion built on physical attraction, some may ask? The answer depends on you, but the really thing is love, no matter the connotations start with a first date, day, time, place, event, among others. There must always be that first thing that starts it.

While some ladies believe that love is too serious a journey to embark with any stranger, saying it is a process that is beyond attraction. This school of taught though opines that since love metaphysically connects the soul, body and mind of the parties involved together, it hence cannot be achieved with one’s looks, especially as looks are deceptive.


Others have thrown caution to the winds, arguing that love can be conceived and groomed to grow. These thinkers believe the fertile ground for this growth could be laid as quick as possible with the first eye contact; the cocking of the eye and the body language.

But the question is, does love at first sight exist? The answer is in the affirmative, as from the holy books, to romance, music, literature, arts, examples abound of people that have been caught up by the fire and have lived to bless the very first day they met.

Though there are pockets of examples of where love at first sight later turned sour. The reason is for the bad end is not that because they never knew each too well, but for other human factors. After all, people that have known themselves for ages before getting married do have hiccups in their relationship. So, the success of love at first sight is dependent on the parties concerned, rather than the concept.

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