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LagosMums holds virtual parenting conference today

By Yetty Williams
09 October 2021   |   4:00 am
LagosMums foundation has announced the eighth edition of her yearly Parenting Conference, which holds virtually today, under the theme Building Strong Families.

Yetty Williams

LagosMums foundation has announced the eighth edition of her yearly Parenting Conference, which holds virtually today, under the theme Building Strong Families. Though a free session, participants are expected to register online to secure spot.

“What a journey this past year has been. As we all know, 2020 was a tough year for everyone across the world. It had an effect on families’ finances, mental health, children’s education, the home environment and so much more. And as the world starts to emerge from the challenges and effects of the pandemic, the focus is on building strong families across all facets; financially, mentally, emotionally and practically,” convener of the conference, Yetty Williams said.

She observed that, despite all the challenges of the past year, parents never take a break, adding that Parenting is truly a 24 hours, seven days a week job; as was also seen during the period of working from home and online schooling.

“Parents continue to be the key decision makers when it comes to making decisions that affect the whole family and this impacts all areas. LagosMums has continued to grow and serve a wide audience of engaged parents and caregivers during these uncertain times. Our aim is to provide a platform that will connect parents, guardians, grandparents, teachers and caregivers with a common goal of raising children who will be well grounded and successful adults,” she said.

This year, the conference is focused on building strong families in all areas. The uniqueness of living through a pandemic has made life truly dynamic and flexibility is very important. Therefore, parents need to remember to be kind and love themselves while still taking care of their children.

“LagosMums has always strived to make things easier for parents and guardians, pre-pandemic and even now, during the pandemic. For example, we pivoted and successfully held our first virtual parenting conference in 2020 with amazing feedback and engagement.

“There is a lot going on in the minds of parents, such as navigating the challenges we are facing in our country and through all of these, they still need to ensure that they are giving enough attention to their children. As parents, we may ask ourselves, how do we raise well-grounded children and successful young adults for the ever-changing future? The strength of a parenting community is that you realise you are not alone and there is strength in parenting together.”

She continued: “We are inviting all parents and caregivers to get ready to engage with our amazing speakers, who will be discussing a wide range of topics. Our speakers, who are experts in their various areas of speciality will be sharing on pertinent areas of family life and parenting; and collectively will be sharing on how to build strong families.”

Conversations this year will include; Digital Citizenship for Families and the Roles Parents Play; Recovering from Challenging Times and Building Strong Families, Understanding Teenagers and The World They Live In, Raising Spiritually Sound Children in Today’s World, and Providing Quality Education and Ensuring Financial Stability in the Family. As with our past conferences all our attendees are sure to learn a few things and make new connections that would have a lasting effect on your family.