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Lessons from not having enough


Thinking. Photo: Talent Talks

New things are always very attractive especially when you don’t have them; it takes value, respect, appreciation and a renewal of mind to see your old things good enough for reuse even when they are worn-out. That is just how you feel when you are in lack. You feel people that have more live a better and fulfilled life.

Most times we are so much in a hurry, hence are pushed to trade what we have for what we are yet to have. Steady, disciplined mind and attitude can teach you that the former leads to the later.

Just like old wine, your yesterday tells the sweet taste of your tomorrow, if you have been the master of your yesterday. It is what you have and can offer that will bring what you get.

We are in a hurry to get pass our struggling and hustling time, not actually checking if we are ready for the hustle-free version of us.

Hustling periods are supposed to be seen as training and motivation time for those who dream and believe in their visions. Every person that has succeeded in his profession had made proper use of his suffering/hustling time.

If you haven’t learnt the lessons that hustles and lack bring, then you are not ready to come of it yet. These lessons are embedded in engaging your sub-conscious mind in dreams and imaginations.

Your moments of dreaming even in lack will teach you to embrace the saving and managing culture. You will realize that you can survive even with lesser things because of your vision of abundance.

Lack gives you fewer choices thereby making you less confused in choosing thing. When you are in lack, you are more concentrated, you even visualize and pray more.

Your period of lack and hustling is a free time to dream and dream beyond boundaries.

This is the luxury that not having enough offers.

Do not just spend your time of lack in pursuit of plenty only: make sure you learn the lessons embedded in not having enough. Those lessons eventually teach you how to handle the plenty when they come.

Dreaming and strategizing fill the mind with so much moxie and in-turn can act as an explosive that pushes the body to action.

The rich spend a whole lot of time dreaming and planning. No one has ever achieved anything without dreaming it in his or her conscious or subconscious minds.

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