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Let’s behave, please!


Dear Nigerians, You have started o. I said that you people have started again o. The facemask that we are enjoined to wear this period is NOT a fashion accessory. Neither is it some “status symbol” to ward off Covid-19 by hanging it loosely across the ears and beneath the chin.

If you are WHERE you should wear the mask…please ensure you are wearing it. It is not by “hanging it” across your ears that the novel virus will take to its heels o.

Mask…we have refused to wear properly! Social distancing…for where? Y’all are looking for the wahala of Covid-19 o!
To the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), your “the main- the main” job is not in the cities o. Those ones BEHAVE small. Send your field workers to the rural communities where the basket-cases abound.


See ehn! Let us not just provoke the big boys (governors) into a LOCKDOWN-MANIA. Most of them are not smiling o. Because ‘”the national cake’’ they sought with this Covid-19 is not materialising. Even Baba at the top has warned that if we do not behave ourselves, he will simply send us back to BEHIND DOORS.

Tailors have now become emergency mask producers. Isn’t it said that no matter how unfortunate a situation is, someone somewhere is benefitting from the setting? Our tailors now have more masks displayed at their shops than their original crafts.

Shouldn’t the NCDC hand down specifics on the appropriate fabrics for this purpose or can any fabrics found amongst discarded pieces of clothes do?
I mean every tailor has enough of those, so they don’t even have to look far for raw materials. Lucky somebodies!

Did I read that the French police seized 140,000 black market masks? It was reported that, “the French police have seized 140,000 face masks intended for the black market in a record haul since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

“It is the largest seizure since the French government banned the resale of protective masks to prioritise their distribution to health workers in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Two individuals were arrested while they were unloading boxes in Saint-Denis, just north of Paris, a police source said on Sunday.

“One of them said he was a business owner and had bought the masks, including 5,000 high protection FFP2 masks, in the Netherlands for a total of 80,000 euros ($87,000). The masks were to be sold to construction workers for a large profit, according to police.


In March, 32,500 masks from China were seized from a warehouse near Paris and 28,800 masks were discovered in a shop in a district of Chinese wholesalers, also in the Paris region.’’

So, tempted right now are we to ask them to do give-away for us with those. I mean this period doesn’t call for “seize and destroy” of such ESSENTIAL commodities. It can always come in handy for someone somewhere.

Even Trump has threatened to do GIVE AWAY for us. Just that I can’t help feeling that we will really wait for this one. They even need it more than we do, right now! So, yeah let’s BEHAVE.

By the way, I have been in the village for about a month now. One of my major observations is that the number of ‘early morning preachers has doubled.
And CHINA is seriously in their bad books. A few days back, some fellow (from the clan) was magnanimous enough to share what he considered “healthful” to folks down here as his own palliative effort. It’s noodles made with Moringa…according to the label claims. Some packs were brought for Mama…who promptly asked (after taking several looks at the thing) “can goats eat it?”


You see, beyond the prominent noodles (that grandchildren wahala forced on their consciousness)…their generation don’t know anything about the rest of the noodles/macaroni family.

However, some of the lettered ones amongst these women figured out (thanks to the Chinese trademark scribblings) that this “charity’’ is from THAT PLACE THAT THIS SICKNESS CAME FROM.

And since then o…
Not less than two of Mama’s nwunyedi (women married into the clan) have stopped by to remind her to throw “that thing” into a waste-bin. Now, I am the helpless one here! Still wondering what to do with the stuff. And especially feeling so sorry for the fellow who thought it wise to HELP “village people’’ with Chinese something at this period. Do you want to kill them? There can’t be a worse offence right now. I mean, everybody has a problem with China.
China doesn’t even seem to realise the number of bad books they have entered- the early morning preachers, the crew from the clan. And Mama’s goats that have steadily rejected “the something from China” since it was brought here.


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