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Making yourself a priority


Happy black woman.

In a bid to appear wanted and prove to people, especially those we love that we care about them, we comprise on issues and condone a lot of things.

These things sometimes are not premeditated on.

Part of our cultural belief is that people associate love and care for others with disregard and neglect for oneself, hence, the phrase “when trying to help others, you must think less of yourself”.


The idea that putting yourself first is selfish is inappropriate.

This is because when you constantly let everyone’s needs come first, without even realizing it; you wear yourself out and increase your level of stress.

Everything will begin to feel like a task, which leaves you wrecked, anxious and exhausted and consequently makes you sick.

Note that once you feel the guilty emotion of selfishness when you fail to meet up with helping people, you should realize that every person that you love and insist on helping must, in turn, look out for your happiness.

Otherwise you take the bold step of saying no.

When you continuously prioritize every desire, need and interest of people, you get choked with responsibilities, which make you neglect your own self.

However, this doesn’t mean you should turn a blind eye to people’s needs rather know when to say no and stand by it.

Look at it from this point: when you are constantly worn out and needy, you cannot give your full support to anyone because full and genuine support can only come from a place of abundance and self-fulfilment.

One of the major ways of making yourself a priority is creating some time for yourself that is non-negotiable.

Have a fixed time just for yourself and no one else. Plan your agenda yourself and do not push aside your needs for the good of others. You might end up feeling regretful.

Don’t do things on impulse. Think before you say and don’t be scared to state your limit.

It is not a weakness, it is a strength.

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