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Male mind connection

By Kemi Amushan
09 April 2016   |   12:12 am
If you have a special guy in your life right now and you feel and know you want to connect with him on a deeper level and in a way no other woman has ever connected then you just have got to:
Kemi Amushan

Kemi Amushan

If you have a special guy in your life right now and you feel and know you want to connect with him on a deeper level and in a way no other woman has ever connected then you just have got to:

(1) Know what men really want in love and relationships
(2) Make him realize you are the only woman in the world who can give it to him!

I want to shed a little light on the dark, mysterious, and perennially annoying male mind. You will find some women asking “How can I make a guy fall in love with me and the thing is that I even find out that other women do it effortlessly, but I can’t!”

In today’s newsletter, you will be learning how to unlock a man’s heart, and make him notice, approach, appreciate, and soon love you. I am not making this up ladies, I am dead serious. I am talking about my personal experiences, the experiences of my male friends.

Most guys will share the story of how they met that one special woman who touched their hearts and blew them away and how they never dated other women ever again! How? She simply had one distinct advantage over all the other women they ever met. So I will be sharing with you what a particular male friend of mine shared with me today.

Let me promise you something. When you have this distinct advantage, you will instantly know how to “touch a guy’s heart,” even during your first 5-minute conversation with him. He will be thinking about you long after you say “bye” and he will stay up all night wondering how to ask you out. You will also gain that unique ability to make each meeting with him more enjoyable than the last. As time goes by, he will be more and more interested in you and eventually, his interest will mature into true love. No joke! Trust me.

But here is the catch. Sometimes, when you are good at unlocking a guy’s heart, you cannot help but collect some unexpected male attention (and affection) wherever you go even if you are just talking to friends, acquaintances, co-workers, etc. But I do not think you would mind that, would you?

Now the secret is easy to talk about, but very challenging to accept and practice. If you want to “touch a man’s heart,” you have to simply Understand how he acts, reacts, thinks and feels, not just about love, but about life in general. In other words, you simply have to understand and accept him completely. You have to just get him. Here is why: Guys do not vent.

When women get stressed, we vent. We call our girlfriends and talk for a few hours. That is something guys envy about us, because they cannot do that. It is not in their nature. They just do not vent. And over time, they find themselves under a lot of stress and pressure. And deep inside, they feel that need to simply be accepted and validated. Remember back in secondary school, when you had that dreaded need to feel part of the happening click in school? Guess what, it is like that for guys too except that secondary school does not end when they are 17.

Their need for acceptance and validation lasts their entire lives. But that angsty, depressing, torturous feeling ends completely once they meet that one special woman who knows what they are going through, understands their needs, and accepts them completely.

No kidding. It is like a tidal wave of joy and relief when men meet that special woman. All their pain, all their grudges, all their “good reasons not to fall in love” all get washed away when they find that one special woman. I am sure you’ve seen it happen before.

A guy who is a hopeless player in his twenties suddenly turns into a strong, capable, devoted family man in his thirties after he meets that one special woman. Or a juvenile delinquent suddenly does a 180-degree turn in his life and he starts going to church and helping other troubled youths break the cycle after he meets that one special girl.

So what is my big message for you today? It is simple and straight to the point: Yes, having a loving mindset and good dating skills are important. But they are not nearly as important as the ability to touch a man’s heart. Why? Because, quite simply, it is their biggest emotional need. And that one special woman who meets that need is the one who changes their lives forever!

Become his “One special woman”. The power lies absolutely in your hands and as I have said, without the ability to touch a man’s heart, all of these “dating stuffs we talk about are temporary, only-skin-deep, band-aid solutions to a long-term problem.

So if “nothing is happening” between you and your man try to take a closer look. You might have just a “band-aid connection” with him. Don’t settle for a band-aid connection. Touch his heart!

I definitely recommend you apply this lessons in your life for at least a month because when you unmask the male mind, you unlock the male heart. Simple.

This is what a guy shared with me. It is what they want and need the most!

To our happiness. Cheers.