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Marybeth’s Christmas Stories For Champions to create bonding

By Ijeoma Thomas-Odia
17 December 2022   |   4:04 am
An educator and advocate of premium parenting, Marybeth Chima, has released a new book titled, Christmas Stories For Champions.


An educator and advocate of premium parenting, Marybeth Chima, has released a new book titled, Christmas Stories For Champions. The book, which is for children between ages seven and 15, is a collection of stories told by parents to their children about their personal experiences growing up in the 60s, 70s, 80s and even earlier.

According to Chima, it is a collection of stories about what Christmas used to be like and the experiences that surrounded Christmas for these parents that are different from what the children know today.

She said: “It will spark a lot of laughter, conversations and connection in the home.

“The key message is that we all have different experiences and that we can connect through our experiences. Parents should understand that the experiences that they had is different from the experiences that our children have and the only way that our children can have a peek into our experiences is by hearing the stories that we have to tell about those experiences.

“Now when we do these, the children will realise that we share the same kind of struggles they have as children. So basically, the story is to help parents level up with their children and for children to understand that their parents have gone through the same struggles that they probably go through today, the same experiences or something that you know resembles the same experiences that they have had.”

Chima, who is also the founder of the Parenting Through Mentorship Academy, further noted that the book is relevant at this time because parents are not connecting with their children as everybody tends to be busy.

“Parents are busy trying to make ends meet; children are busy trying to get an education, and then the family unit is made up of people who are just cohabiting or just living in the same space.

“We want to trigger you to know stories that would cause parents to have conversations with their children. We want to use these stories to trigger connections between parents and their children. We want to create laughter in our homes through stories.

“We want to force parents to tell their stories to get children in a way that is believable, and admirable and that helps the children understand where the parents are coming from, your origin, where you are coming from, and all of that.

“If we don’t tell these stories and make these connections with our children, we would realise that a time would come when our children would be out of our homes and we are just operating from two different generations with nothing connecting us,” she added.