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Midnight caller


My best friend Onyeka Benson was finally back from her impossibly long business trip and I was the happiest girl in the universe. First of all, I had someone to accompany me to all the places I had been wanting to visit since I returned, and most importantly I had someone to gossip with.
“Sewa, did I tell you I ran into Tosin at the airport when I landed she was just coming in Dubai, did that girl tell you she was travelling?” Onyeka asked me.

We had decided to meet up for drinks that evening.
“Onyeka you are Tosin’s friend not her mother. Leave the girl alone.” I responded taking a long sip of my strawberry margarita.

“That is your way of not answering my question because she told you she was travelling and didn’t tell me as usual. Just because I am the voice of reason in both your lives doesn’t mean you should keep in the dark”. Onyeka snapped as she eyed me and my drink disapprovingly.
I rolled my eyes “and that is why we don’t tell you anything”. I muttered under my breath.

“I heard that and I am going to give Tosin a piece of my mind when she gets here’’. Onyeka said after which she took a sip of her chapman.
As if on cue, I saw our friend and subject of our conversation; Tosin breeze in wearing a dress that was at least four inches too short for an early evening drink. Onyeka spotted her at the same time and nearly choked on her drink, I on the other hand burst into laughter.

“Please no comments about my Dubai trip and no comments about my dress”. Tosin said to Onyeka as she sat down with a thud. She instantly grabbed my drink out of my grasp and took a sip. I signaled to the waiter to get us another one.
“Tosin what did you go to do in Dubai and how did you even manage to get time off work? The last time I checked you had exhausted your leave days for the year.’’ Onyeka asked with an accusing look on her face.

“Isn’t it possible that I was ill and the doctor said I should rest and I just decided to go and do so in Dubai?” Tosin asked in a voice that would make her sound innocent to a stranger but Onyeka and I knew better than to believe her.

“I feel so sorry for you” Onyeka responded. “When you get fired just don’t expect me to borrow you any money”!
“No one is getting fired” I said

“Thank you o Sewa. Besides how can I be out of a job when I can always go and work for Adesewa’s daddy or even you… Mummy Onyeka”. Tosin said sticking out her tongue at Onyeka.

“Over my dead body…I can never work with you.” Onyeka responded and let out a long hiss that got all three of us laughing.
Just as the tension was easing up, my phone rang. I looked at the caller id it was Chigozie. I was going to pick the call but then I remembered my promise to Tunji to stop talking to him and so I let it ring out. He started calling again and I still didn’t pick.
He sent a text, it read:

“Hmmmm someone’s ignoring me. By the way you look really good in red. Enjoy your pink cocktail”.
I was wearing a red dress and sipping my strawberry margarita which Tosin had graciously returned when hers arrived. Obviously, he was in the lounge and could see me from wherever he was. I searched around frantically but couldn’t find him.
He sent another text, it read:

“Looking for someone”?
This time I laughed out loud and my friends looked at me like I was crazy.
“Who is texting you”? Tosin asked.

“Nobody”. I said putting my phone face down on the table.
“Please tell Tunji he can have you all to himself when we are done with our girl talk”. Onyeka said.
I smiled and then my phone vibrated, Tosin reached out and grabbed it.

“Adesewa!!! Who is Chigozie and why is he telling you that you should smile more often”? Tosin enquired.
I snatched my phone from her grasp. Ok so I seriously need to change my phone. I hate the fact that my messages just pop up on the screen.
“Chigozie is someone who has been assisting with the wedding plans and I think he is somewhere here so he is just being silly”. I said in defense of myself.

“Does Tunji know him”? Onyeka asked.
“Of course he does! Chigozie works for him”. I said.
They both had a funny look on their faces and that was when I realized they were looking at something. I turned around and it was Chigozie standing right behind me.

“Good evening ladies. I am sorry but I couldn’t help but come over and say hi. My name is Chigozie and I believe you have been discussing me for the last minute or so” He said with a dimpled smile on his face.
Onyeka rolled her eyes and Tosin gave him a somewhat dreamy smile.
“Do you want to join us”? Tosin asked.

I kicked her under the table and she shrieked out loud. I was so embarrassed. Chigozie smiled and then said
“Maybe some other time, I actually have company”.

Tosin looked over at Chigozie’s table and then asked “Is that your girlfriend? She’s pretty”.

“She’s just a friend. It was nice meeting you even though I didn’t get a proper introduction”. Chigozie said.
Ooops! I was so disoriented I had forgotten to introduce my friends. Tosin of course jumped to my rescue.

“I am Tosin and this is Onyeka. Onyeka is married and Sewa is engaged, I am the only single one at the table in case you need that piece of information anytime soon”. Tosin said twirling her hair with her index finger.

Could she be any more obvious? Chigozie said something I didn’t hear because frankly I wasn’t listening and then he touched me lightly on my shoulder and walked back to his table.

“He is sooooo cute. You have to invite him to hang out with us sometime so I can see him when he is not with a babe” Tosin said to me with a wide grin on her face.

I nodded but her request made me uncomfortable. What’s your problem Adesewa? I asked myself. He is single, she is single…get a grip.

Later that night I found myself tossing and turning in bed. I had just ended a video call with Tunji who was currently out of the country and we talked for a few minutes mostly about our wedding plans yet I was restless.

I eventually summoned up the courage to do what I had been trying not to do ….text Chigozie.

Me: Sorry I didn’t say anything when you came to the table this evening. I was caught off guard.
He responded immediately
Chigozie: Its ok I usually have that effect on women.

Me: Lol…whatever! Goodnight.
Chigozie: Goodnight.

Almost an hour later, at about midnight I was already drifting to sleep when he sent another text;
Chigozie: Awake?

Me: Yep
My phone rang a few seconds later. Chigozie and I talked from midnight till 3am about every random thing we could think of and when the call eventually ended, I fell into a blissful sleep immediately.

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Midnight caller
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