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No regrets


I left Tunji’s office feeling very frustrated. I had gone to request for a favour and not only had I left without him agreeing to assist, I had also managed to upset him and myself in the process. Now I was left with the option of calling my father in America to ask him to intervene. This wasn’t an option I was excited about, because I knew my father would reach out to Tunji. This would lead to Tunji relaying the entire fiasco to him and then once again, I would be the bad person.

As I contemplated my next step, my phone rang and it was Chigozie. I didn’t know how to tell him I had been unable to help him, but I figured it was best to set him straight so he could make alternative plans.

“Hello Chigozie”. I said. “Hi Adesewa, I am sorry to bother you. I just wanted to say a big thank you”. He said obviously bursting with excitement wherever he was. “Thank you”? I asked in complete shock.


“Yes thank you! When the Human Resource personnel at the company called I was so surprised. I mean I knew you would keep your word, I just didn’t expect you to go the extra mile”. He said.

“I don’t understand what’s going on here. You’re going to have to fill me in Chigozie”. I informed him. I was in complete and utter confusion. “Stop being modest Adesewa. I can tell you and Tunji are back together and it’s fine. You don’t have to conceal it from me”. Chigozie replied.

“Why would you think so”? I probed further. “Come on! Why else would Tunji not only clear up the detention record, but also send such a sterling recommendation to the company that they had to hire me immediately”? He asked.

“What! Tunji sent a recommendation to the company”? I asked. “Oh you didn’t know? I was skeptical about putting him down as my last employer, because I know I left his company on a sour note. Despite that, he reached out directly to the CEO of the company and put in a very good word for me. They have asked me to come and pick up my offer letter immediately”. Chigozie informed me.

“Congratulations Chigozie. I am really glad things worked out for you”. I said “Thank you Adesewa and I am happy you were able to work things out with Tunji. He is truly a great guy, I was a fool to think anything could happen between us. Maybe in another lifetime…..”

I cut him off in midsentence. “Thanks Chigozie. Take care of yourself”. With that, I ended the call.

Tunji had indirectly asked me to choose between helping Chigozie and getting back together with him. It was obvious he had made the decision for me. I had no regrets helping Chigozie. I knew I had done the right thing and it was officially time to move on.

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