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No words


DIARYI was so mortified! I left him at the doorway and ran into the bedroom to put on some clothes. You won’t believe he followed me! He did! The man has no boundaries when he is angry.

TK: How dare you leave the office without informing me after insulting my mother?
Me: I did not insult your mother! She on the other hand assaulted me and for that reason I quit! I said as I got dressed.
TK: You are not allowed to quit. You can only get fired, you can’t quit.

I laughed and walk past him. He grabbed my arm and held me. Me: You’re hurting me. I said to him
TK: Why do you want to quit? He asked still holding my arm
Me: Your mother slapped me and you did nothing! Same way your girlfriend Bukky hit me a few weeks ago and accused me of sleeping with you and you did nothing!

TK: You are so annoying! Who said I did nothing? I ended things with her over that and I have been finding it hard to convince her family and mine that I am really not sleeping with you.
Me: Don’t worry when I quit you can stop explaining.His eyes darkened and I could tell he was really angry. He pulled me closer
TK: I really want to kiss you right now.
I really wanted him to kiss me but I was too nervous to talk.

TK: Do you want me to kiss you Anjolaoluwa?
I had been dreaming of this moment for a while and I couldn’t believe it was happening. He smelt like paradise and I was so lost in the moment. Plus the way he called my name drove me crazy. I nodded and closed my eyes. The kiss couldn’t have lasted more than a few minutes but it felt like a lifetime to me. He eventually ended the kiss and left without saying a word to me. Hmmmmm! That was the beginning of my journey into the dramatic world of the Ayo-Kessington family.

Diary Of A Bored Housewife is a work of fiction and Names, characters, businesses, organizations, associations, places, events and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, events, locales, associations or organizations is entirely coincidental.

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