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dairI hope you have been enjoying the juicy details of my life before I had you, LOL. Back to our gist jare. My affair with TK was wild, crazy, fun and amazing. He was a sweet talker, natural charmer and of course the fact that he had money to throw around made him so irresistible to me. I never for once imagined I would be one of those girls that would be bold enough to date her boss but TK made it so easy.

After that first kiss at my apartment,  it became obvious to me that my feelings for TK were more than professional but being a “good girl” I decided to put them in check because there was no way in the world I was going to date my boss.

The first few weeks after the kiss TK acted normal like it had never happened and it drove me crazy. I was expecting a little attention from him instead he was extremely professional and I became confused especially since I had to work so closely with him. The more distant he was towards me the more I wanted his attention so I came up with a plan; if I was going to get him to notice me again I would have to make him do so.  My “operation seduce the boss” plan included changing my hairstyle plus  I had noticed TK liked women with long hair so I began wearing longer weaves, higher heels and shorter skirts…yes I know it sounds pathetic but I had such a huge crush on him, I couldn’t help it. It seemed every guy in the office noticed my makeover except the one person I was targeting and then one evening everything changed.

We had just come out of a long brainstorming session with the management of Octave where TK had thoroughly scolded me in front of the whole room for mixing up his schedule and making him miss an important appointment. I was really upset; I decided to join my colleagues for after work drinks. I got home a few minutes to midnight and guess who I met parked in my compound and waiting in his car. TK!

I didn’t know why he was there but I was too shaky to talk to him. I parked beside him, got out of my car and walked towards my flat without acknowledging his presence. He got out of the car and followed me.

TK: Anjola, you see me standing here. Don’t you?
I could tell he was angry but I was upset too and I kept walking away.
He followed me to my flat and waited while I fumbled around looking for my keys. I could tell he’d been smoking. The one thing I didn’t like about him, oh and the annoying way he looked at girls with big back sides…he still does that when he thinks I’m not looking! Anyways, I eventually opened the door and he followed me in.
Me: Sir, with all due respect I think it is highly inappropriate for you to turn up at my house unannounced and at odd hours.
TK: I would do whatever I please, whenever I please!
Me: You don’t own me!
TK: You are a stubborn, little bundle of trouble. To think I came to apologize for scolding you in front of the team today even though you clearly deserved it.
Me: You don’t need to apologize. I messed up and I deserved it. End of story.
TK :Smiled and then said
TK: I know I upset you and I’m sorry. I know I have been an ass for kissing you and then acting like it didn’t happen and I’m sorry.  I just didn’t want you to feel obligated to feel anything that wasn’t there because I’m your boss. I’m really sorry Anjola and it won’t repeat itself.
He turned around and was heading for the door when I eventually said
Me: I don’t accept your apology because you can’t get a girl’s hopes up  and then apologize. I don’t accept your apology because working with you is driving me crazy. So I’m not sorry it happened and I don’t accept your apology.
TK: So what do you want me to say?
Me: Say you miss me when I’m not there, say you want me, and say you are glad I feel the same way.
TK: And if I don’t?
Me: And if you don’t my skirts are going to get shorter and my heels higher until you realize how irresistible I am.
TK laughed and came closer.
TK: I want you.
Me: I know.

Hmmmmm…that was how it happened o! I slept with my oga that night and please don’t ask me how it was dear diary because I had only one sexual encounter before that. My one time with Emeka in the university. Ok let me tell you… I was nervous and emotional but TK was just a smooth operator and after a clumsy first attempt, we tried again and it was better the second time but according to TK I had a lot to learn and he volunteered himself as a worthy tutor.

That was how the affair started. I spent nights at his apartment; we went on low profile dates, snuck around the office and once or twice even had a few “indiscretions” in the office. We were the world’s best kept secret of course we had agreed we would be discreet especially because we hadn’t even defined what we were doing and everything was going on well. I was having the time of my life until I met his wife (now ex-wife) yes Adetokunboh was married! The cunning bastard!

Diary of A Bored Housewife is a work of fiction and Names, characters, businesses, organizations, associations, places, events and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, events, locales, associations or organizations is entirely coincidental.

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