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Osho-free gone sour!


“Osho-free’’ is our local parlance for one who likes freebies. It matters not how such came along…so long as the FREE in the picture remains.

Of course, the consequences or what might be “conditions apply” are rarely considered. All that counts is the FREE that precedes the rest of the word!

In reiterating his claim about what sank the fantasy sail, the man in the eye of the storm kept saying, “this is a lady that I have not even touched up to five times- she can’t hang this pregnancy on my neck.’’


Gist had it that it all started when the lady he harboured for over two months (in his abode) told him that she has missed her period and some tests confirmed that she is about four weeks gone.

A lady his male cousin begged him to accommodate, while she takes her time to find accommodation. That same lady was said to actually move into the man’s house from the house of another man…who accommodated her earlier. The first guy woke up one morning and decided he’s had enough of what he calls “her laziness around the house.’’

He claimed she never lifted a finger to do anything in the house- he was the one going to the market and doing the cooking (plus cleaning) as well. Her only benefits to him were on cold nights. On hearing the pregnancy rumour, the first guy is said to have thanked his stars that he did with “raincoat.”

The lady in the middle of all these actually has a good job with a reputable firm. The first guy claimed that her cousin, who happens to be his friend, begged him to accommodate her for a few months, as she just relocated from another part of the country. Her job came with benefits like car and housing allowance. The first guy claimed that he warned her when he suspected that she had started squandering these attached benefits of the job, and, true to his suspicion, by the time a house was found for her- the money was nowhere to be found.

And that was when he gave her a marching order.

I felt compelled to discuss this issue because of what I realised about a lot of ladies in this clime. We simply love the free lunch (aka OSHO FREE).


As cheapening as this lady’s antics seem to us, a lot of ladies will still do exactly what she did- preferring to spend the supposed office benefits on shopping -while living off friends…mostly men!

Even if it means occasionally gracing their beds to oil the “favour wheel.” That (to me) is very cheapening, why couldn’t our lady use her housing loan for just that-getting an accommodation for herself, settling in and taking her time to be in a relationship with whoever she chooses- because that is whom her heart wants and not whom she feels obligated to stay in his graces.

That to me is a lot of stress to accommodate in one’s life, frankly.

There comes a time when your EASE is everything. It’s not as if she didn’t have a better option…she just chose a cheap but humiliating option. Cheap is not always a hit!

The way I see it, the first guy has simply had his fill of the lady and decided to kick her out. A man that has had it with a lady is never in lack of excuses. All the while ‘the thing’ was ‘shacking’ him, did he complain about her laziness?

Much as I preach being of good manners…especially when someone is harbouring you in his/her house. I mean she could have conducted herself in ways that the guy would just find another excuse.

Again, we all know-the reward of bad manners is rejection-wherever the bad-mannered person goes. There’s even a way she could have carried herself and the second guy would feel quite privileged that his dream woman is carrying his baby.

That’s a talk for another day, but my message of today is that ladies should stop looking beyond the FREE in every freebies. Pay attention to the “conditions apply,” instead. I have heard of ladies who will rather offer their body than pay back debts being owed to men.

It’s high time we began to rein in the “long- throats.” If an offer has to come with certain discomfort of the soul-forget it. No one respects who does not respect herself.

Imagine the case of the lady discussed above…allowing herself to be passed from one man to another over something that she could afford-if only she had her priorities right?

I would have seen things differently if she were some unemployed girl. I can relate to the temptations that come from not knowing where the next meal will come from!


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