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Overcoming the fear of involvement and commitment


Husband and wife in park

Love is beautiful and inspiring. In fact, it is the essence of life.

Anyone not involved or in any meaningful relationship ¬— romantic or otherwise — is like a fish out of water.

While some people enjoy their relationship or intimacy, wishing it never ends, others perhaps from past sour experiences are scared of getting attached or committed to a particular person.


They subconsciously avoid situations or people that could make them fall in love again.

But the truth is, whether in decision-making, relationships or at workplaces, we all entertain one fear or the other; particularly the fear of making wrong judgments or decisions.

This fear comes as a result of our commitment to the things we love. When in love you give your whole or totality as a mark of commitment to it.

Despite this, some still allow past sour relationships to get the better side of them to the extent that when they are in a new relationship they begin to nurse the pains of loosing their partners while the relation is still burning.

My take on this, is you open up to yourself, be bold and know what you want.

Life is not about getting it right all the time; you win some and loose some that is the game!

So, stop reflecting on your sour relationships and go ahead and have a swell time.

Enjoy your freedom; never entertain fears of making mistakes, as there is only one life to live. And we all at some period of our lives make mistakes.

It is necessary to realise that fear is a setback and you just have to conquer it.

To do this, you must identify with those things and people you want in life; be involved and committed to them and you will come up smiling.

Go catch your fun, for we all have one life to live.

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