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Overcoming worry and fear


Everybody wants to attain the success they desire. However, as we travel along our road toward success, we encounter various emotions that can bring about and create obstacles for us; two of which are known as worry and fear.

You are not alone with these feelings, at some point everyone comes across road blocks. It is how you deal with them that matters and determines your ability to see other routes forward without giving in to the emotion you are feeling. Why would you choose to let either worry and or fear prevent you from going forward? Ask yourself; how many times you have you lost out on various opportunities just because you have allowed those emotions to take control and keep you from acquiring your dream or dreams? Do you not believe you will be a much happier person if you work past these emotions and make a decision to go for it?

To help overcome these emotions of worry and fear, you firstly need to acknowledge those feelings because there is a reason you experience them. Once you acknowledge and analyze your feelings toward those emotions, chances are that you will discover that the issues that exist, you can work around or easily overcome them. For instance, you are worried or feeling fearful about the public talk you have been told you will be giving. Having analyzed your feelings of worry and fear, you discover the concerns you have about the equipment you will be using, perhaps PowerPoint is not functioning properly, or maybe you are unsure if the technical aspect of the speech is ready or perhaps you are wondering just how everything will work as you are giving your talk. All these feelings stem from not feeling or being prepared to deliver your speech.

Now that you have both analyzed and acknowledged your feelings for what it is that they are trying to enlighten and tell you, it is important and vital to replace it or them by finding a solution to and for what is causing the emotional response you are having. The aim is to conquer any worry and or fear you are experiencing. For example in this instance, you might choose to use props during your talk and eliminate PowerPoint altogether. There are always going to be times when you will worry about something you have no control over. You have to recognize the fact that you simply cannot control everything. By recognizing this, you are acknowledging it and by allowing yourself to move on, it will endeavour to help you conquer those feelings.

Do you have a vision in mind? Have a vision of success and solidify this vision in your mind. Know what your destination is before you begin to map out your journey. When you have a clear vision of what it is you want to attain, it makes it so much simpler and easier to achieve it. Do you have a vision?

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