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There are categories of people that I am yet to determine the right term of description for, human beings that seem somewhat pathetic to me.

First on this list is the category of people who, after giving stuffs, as in charity to others (friends, relatives, etc) would still have the presence of mind to throw their deeds in the faces of their beneficiaries…especially during a misunderstanding.

That’s when you begin to hear stuffs like THIS IS SOMEBODY THAT I USED TO GIVE ALL MY OLD CLOTHES TO.

Do you know poverty of the mind? It is not far from you o.


Listen…the people who actually help others don’t really talk about it.

If you are fond of reminding others of your assistance to them, may I suggest you learn to keep your stuffs to yourself until you learn how not to let your right hand know about the deeds of the left one…that (to me) describes charity!

Second on our list are the human beings who have no scruples with sending a supposed friend to the butchers with malicious dispositions. Such is usually borne out of envy or when a friendship/relationship is strained.

These human beings don’t just realise that no door should be shut so hard in friendship…as no one knows what tomorrow holds for each of us. Give each other a break if you must, but the height of GUTTERness is carrying tales about a once supposed friend. Divulging stuffs said in confidence/done behind closed doors to third parties make you the most pathetic of the category. You don’t have to slander anyone to “go your way.”

I am skeptical of anybody who jumps on me with certain tales about another. I always know that I am not safe with such human beings. If you can slander a friend that you have probably known longer this fast…is it me (whom you met yesterday and probably on the social media) that you will spare when things fall apart?

With certain writings on the wall, we actually should not be taken aback when people turn out certain way. It is the turn of ‘the maligned’ today; your own turn is coming. It is always the best not to make yourself unavailable for such alliances.

The friendship/relationship that is premised on hurting another does not last. When you are no longer the ‘courted bride’…it gets messy. You are never safe with that person that can easily hurt another either through actions or words. It’s about making the efforts to task your conscience on your everyday existence, frankly.

There are those that go behind to seduce a friend’s spouse. What you have done to that friend is worse than murder! You wreck a relationship that means the world to him/her and expect to find happiness?

Nah…you have just sown a whirlwind. Something worse awaits you as harvest. Make efforts at fixing yourself and your issues…more than you give in to that urge to put sand in another person’s garri.

People are so scared to share certain good news about their fortunes these days lest such awakens the monster of jealousy in those around them.

This is the reality of the times we live in…your good fortune is actually enough to make you someone’s ‘negative’ project.

Their reasoning is… ‘How dare you become happy!’

You are a witch o…if another person’s good fortunes make you angry.

I am also referring to the pull him/her down syndrome at work places, social media and wherever else.

Perhaps you should learn one fact about life… THERE WILL ALWAYS BE LESSER AND GREATER PERSONS THAN YOURSELF.

If genuine happiness is what you seek, you don’t have to hurt anybody to achieve that.

There are those whose idea of love or relating with others is defined by GOOD TIMES only.

In your ill-health they run faster than their shadows and help spread your gist. If in economic hardship…they keep their distance.

Even in marriage some spouses make life ‘hell’ for a supposed better-half just because finances have taken a nose-dive Standing by anybody through an unpleasant or challenging phase in life is simply not in the DNA of these human beings.

Where does one even begin to preach to someone who fails to understand that …NOTHING COMES WITH A GUARANTEE IN LIFE, NOT EVEN THE GOOD FORTUNES YOU HAVE TODAY.

The worst thing that can happen to anybody in a friendship/relationship is to be saddled with somebody whom you are always compelled to give a facade…lest he/she abandons you.

It must be a miserable existence to have someone/people around you but still feel ‘alone’.


The foundation upon which you start with people matters a lot.

You don’t expect the person you lured into the picture through GOOD TIMES to suddenly shift gear…it will be hard!

Always pray to be involved with people who have CONSCIENCE…long and short of this gist!

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