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Perfecta presents flow freely to tackle women’s menstrual challenges, others

By Ijeoma Thomas-Odia
29 October 2022   |   2:41 am
Nigerian-based health practitioner, Dr. Perfecta Osawaru has launched a book that addresses the challenges women face with regard to their reproductive health.

Author of the book, Dr. Perfecta Osawaru (fourth left) flanked by guests during the presentation of the book in Lagos…recently

Nigerian-based health practitioner, Dr. Perfecta Osawaru has launched a book that addresses the challenges women face with regard to their reproductive health.

The book titled Flow Freely educates women about their bodies and also teaches them how to have a painless period. The book also encompasses women’s health issues in general.

At the unveiling of the book in Lagos, recently, Pertecta said she wrote it as part of her efforts to help women overcome the challenges associated with menstruation and other reproductive health issues.

Her words: “There is an increasing awareness of period poverty and menstrual hygiene but period pain is hardly spoken about. Having gone through the period pain myself and overcome it, I decided to document the journey in a book to help a lot of ladies have a painless period. Hopefully, it is not only for young girls, it is for every woman, and every mother out there because it is the knowledge that you have that you can pass on to the next generation.

“It is not just period pain; it talks about women’s health and what they need to do at every phase of their menstrual cycle. It also helps to reduce body shaming whereby people are always saying ‘I look a certain way.’ It also talks about understanding the mental trauma that leads to menstrual drama because there is a mind-body connection.

“It also covers period colours, period palava, period problems, and things that we see and ignore. It highlights every single one of them. It also breaks a lot of myths concerning menstruation. It is encompassing; it really helps the female child. I conducted a poll on social media and realised that this was a big issue for a lot of people.”

Industry experts who graced the book launch commended the author for her creativity, productivity and brilliance in addressing pressing issues through the book.

The Book Reviewer, Titi Oyemade, said: “I know it’s a book that is going to touch the lives of many women because a lot of young girls don’t know much about menstruation and our parents just assume that somehow you are just going to learn it. And some parents are a bit shy to talk to their kids about menstruation; they just expect their kids to learn about it. But what this book is going to do is it will help you learn about those things that your parents didn’t tell you. And it’s not only for young ladies, it’s also for older women who have serious menstrual pains, which they think is normal.

“Now, in this book, what you are going to discover is that it is not a normal thing. Of course, you might have pains but when it is elongated when it is too much, it should be addressed. Imagine you have to go to school and you have to take one week off or if you are working and you have to take off one week out of every month. It will not be convenient. This book will teach you the way forward.”

On her part, corporate lawyer, Rosemond Phil-Othihiwa, said “the book is quite interesting and enlightening.”

She added: “What I really love about it is that it is very specific about issues relating to women’s health. One of the things I love about the book is that it attacked the issue of body shaming. Women are built differently and what could be a problem to me might not be a problem to someone else. I like the fact that the book is objective and looks at different women and what they experience from dealing with issues that have to do with their mental health. It is funny that these issues are related to one another.

“She mentioned that you could be doing so many right things at the wrong times and it can go as far as affecting your patterns and how your body works. I think it is a book that every woman should read and is educational as well.”

In his remarks, the National President of the Nigerian Union of Practitioners of Complementary and Alternative Medicine(NUPCAM), Prof. Baderinwa Adewale, said he had confidence in the author’s ability to deliver exceptional work.

“Dr. Perfecta is my mentee and she also happens to be my very good student. Taking into cognizance her experience, whoever comes in contact with this book will experience a quantum leap in her health. There are a lot of myths and superstitions surrounding menstruation and I think that this book is a guide for people who really want to take control of their health,” he said.

Perfecta is a licenced, board-certified and registered alternative medicine practitioner who treats people and teaches organisations on holistic living and healing. She is also the author of the book Menstrual Pain – Knowing Your Triggers And How To Ease It.”

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