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Playing detective


Kemi Amushan

Kemi Amushan

This whole relationship thing actually gets tiring sometimes. It can actually drive one nuts. Check out this type of scenario: You’re supposed to be in an exclusive relationship, but you’re beginning to have doubts about how exclusive you really are with this guy at least in his mind because he’s been acting suspicious lately. Now you may never find lipstick stain on his collar or an earring in his car, or strands of female hair but there will be signs right there that he’s a cheater, courtesy of his phone. Hint: they always think they are smart but they have no idea that women are better detectives.

You just don’t need to worry yourself unnecessarily. There are innocent explanations for all of these “clues” but if you already have doubts about your guy, take note of these silly lies and signs.

Wrong Number
This is the most obvious clue. Maybe the girl calls him, and when you answer, she hangs up. Or he answers his phone and says it was a wrong number. When this happens once, it’s not a problem. But if it happens several times, get suspicious. Start keeping a tab on him. He’s about to be toast.

He Deleted His Call History
If your guy is clueless about being discreet, he may have left all kinds of incriminating texts in his sent box for you to find. On the other hand he may think he’s two steps ahead of you and has cleared out his sent message box. If it’s empty, it looks like he’s clearing his tracks of anything suspicious you might find. You are still going to catch him don’t worry.

He’s Making A Lot Of Calls To One Number
Surely he would not be silly enough to list his new love’s number with her name in his contacts, but what if he has multiple calls every day to a male friend you’ve never heard of? It’s definitely the chic, trust me. Could it be that “plumber” or “Office” is actually a love rival in disguise? Once you see that he’s been making calls or receiving calls from a contact named “plumber” or something when there’s actually nothing that needs to be plumbed in his place, just be rest assured something is up.

He Calls You A Lot
If he suddenly starts calling you a lot more than usual, it could be that you are growing in his affections. But if you already suspect that’s not the case, it may be he is checking up that you are exactly where you said you’d be, and not about to turn up at the place he is with another girl.

He Ignores Texts
Most people find it hard to ignore a text. If he never used to ignore them in your company and starts ignoring them now, he’s worried about you finding out who the texts are from.

He Never Leaves His Phone Lying Around
Most guys carry their phones everywhere. They have pockets in every pair of pants to make that easy for them. But if he usually offloads the phone on his bedside table or dining, when he’s sitting relaxing with you, and stops doing that suddenly, you have to wonder why. Is he afraid of what you might see? Even putting it face down is a bit odd. Most people want to see who’s calling with a quick glance. Isn’t that right?

He Goes Outside To Make Calls
He may go outside to another room to take or make some calls. Perhaps he always did that when someone called from work, to avoid disturbing you or to concentrate, but if it’s a new pattern, it’s suspicious. Also if he makes lots of excuses to go out at night for a walk, a breath of fresh air, chances are he’s doing it so he can make a call in private.

He Suddenly Has A Password Lock On His Phone
Lots of guys have a pin code on their phone as a security measure, but if one suddenly appears along with other suspicious behaviour, it’s another clue.

He Puts His Phone On Vibrate
He used to let his phone ring when you were out together (and you weren’t at a place where calls are frowned upon) but now he has it on vibrate whenever you’re together, so it’s not as easy for you to know when someone is calling him.

You Can’t Reach Him
He used to answer your calls within two rings, but now he makes excuses for not answering like his battery was flat or he didn’t hear the phone ring. Guess what? He may have been with someone else when you were calling.

Now I’m not giving you all these tips for you to start looking for what isn’t there or to start snooping around but to actually keep him in check. Men need to be kept in check especially when they stop doing things they used to do before. Whatever you do, be smart about it and when you eventually find something, don’t flare up. The easiest way to handle this issue is to be calm about it. Nothing gets a man pissing in his pants more when he knows you know everything but you are just calm about it. He’ll be the one to reveal all to you.
To our happiness. Cheers.

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