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Pope have mercy…



Is it the Pope that one should direct this kind of plea to? It’s a plea for the Catholic Church to review her policy on the absolute celibacy of her priests…for the sake of the ones that truly want to serve God and still keep a date with NATURE. The stories filtering in from certain quarters are discouraging.

I have received numerous disturbing gists about some elements in a monk’s cloak…complaints ranging from making out with people’s wives to tinkering with under-aged kids.

Has the ‘fear of God’ become less potent in us that some so-called priests are now competing with ‘the uncalled’ in PLEASURES OF THE FLESH?

We grew up knowing Priests to take something akin to OATH OF CHASTITY AND POVERTY…but I hear some of them now build mansions in their villages.

I also feel my admonition will not be complete without poking the conscience of the supposed married women and other female faithful who aid the devil (everything is always the devil’s fault in this part of the world) in pulling down ‘the called of the Lord’.


Why would you be feeding on the weakness of one who works in the vineyard of God?

If you all keep weakening their faith…what spiritual powers will they have left to carry out their spiritual duties- prayers, etc towards you?

“In a school that I deployed Catholic school management software for, the priests were sleeping with some of the teachers. A young female student told me that the priests are ‘the bomb’ when it comes to ‘extracting moans and screams’ from women-on the bed. Not only are they randy, they are freaky, too, and do things with the women that can only be seen in porn movies. One of the priests lost the files in his phone and he gave it to me to recover the files. Forty per cent of the files were videos of himself with various ladies in the act and porn clips he got from the internet. As I returned the phone to him, he was scrutinizing my facial expression, but I gave him the kind of expression that Idi Amin gives after killing someone… blank!

Please what is it with some WOMEN and priests? What I witnessed can only be believed when seen. A lot of married women are into it. Is it that these women that go for priests are looking for ‘no strings attached’ sex or what? I just can’t understand. Even my uncle that is a priest, as in direct uncle o, has a child. Some will tell you that they picked the baby from where it was dumped in the dustbin and decided to take care of it. They are living it up, Sister but here is the disturbing part…most faithful are in the know of what is going on and one (that I made the mistake of arguing with sometime back) even countered that those priests are not committing sin by sleeping around. I became stunned and needed to lie down to recover.’’

“Oby, Priesthood is a vocation like every other. Oaths are taken in most professional callings and the requirements for such oaths have not been changed thereof because the oaths are broken. Presidents, Governors, public servants, Doctors, Accountants …you name them, all take oaths of office and most routinely abuse those oaths. It’s a human thing. I use to look at priests with a lot of awe until I grew up. For married women, there are no better persons to shag off with than priests and pastors because that way, their secret remains a secret. Emotionally, it’s justifying to have it with someone whose duty it is to remind you that you have committed a sin. One only gets disappointed when one places them on a very high spiritual realm and finds out they can’t stand the spiritual test. Celibacy wasn’t a demand from Christ. St. Paul called for it but with a proviso that ‘’if you could.’’ After all, the early Catholic priests and clerics were all mostly married. It was the issue of property rights that forced priests from not getting married, but the question of Celibacy is to protect the sanctity of a civilized world because if one chooses not to marry, he’s not expected to take that which belongs to another. But globally, laws are observed more on the breach where people can get away with it because of weak institutions.”

“Frankly, the journey of salvation is a continuous struggle against temptations. A lot of them that commit such atrocities didn’t go into priesthood with such intentions but perhaps relaxed in their spirituality.

Priests are not the only culprits; many ‘men of God’ (that are married) have been caught in adulterous situations. Marriage may not solve their problems.’’

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