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Pre-marital questions to ask before you say “I Do”


“Keep your eyes wide open before marriage and half shut afterwards”, these are the very wise words of Benjamin Franklin – the face of the American $100 bill. So in the true spirit of Mr Franklin here are a few eye opening questions we suggest you ask your boo before you decide to tie the knot.
1. When we get married will we?
a. Share our finances and have joint accounts
b. Have separate finances and separate accounts or…
c. Share some but not all of our finances

2. What is the maximum amount of cash each of us can spend each month without consulting the other person when we get married?

3. What is your current debt level?

4. Who will manage our finances?
a. You
b. Me
c. Both of Us

5. What is your main financial indulgence and can we accommodate it as a couple?
a. Eating out
b. Clothes and appearances
c. Gadgets and technology
d. Travel

6. How will we handle money what we give away to family and friends?

7. When we have children, will we?
a. Both keep working or
b. One of us will be a stay at home parent

8. When we get married will we both:
a. Keep our jobs
b. Start a family business together
c. One of us works while the other starts a family business

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