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Prepping your kids for new academic session


As most schools prepare for a new academic session, from Monday, a lot of parents are preparing towards ensuring that their children have a stress-free session. Here is what an educationist expects to make the new session worthwhile.

“I expect the children to be refreshed, full of energy and ready to start a new and exciting term. I expect them to be equipped with materials they need, their morale should be at its optimum”, says Ronke Adeniyi, Founder and Director of Le Poshe School, Ikoyi.

I expect parents to have bonded with their kids over the break and taken time out for those life-changing conversations. The children should be ready to explore, discover, be creative and have fun as they learn and grow. They are expected to have a positive and growth mindset and be reunited with old friends and make new friends.

Adeniyi noted that children should expect to learn beyond what their teachers teach them and be challenged to be more- to be creative, think critically, collaborate and communicate with their peers and others.While noting that she is particular as to how children have spent their holidays, Adeniyi said: “I like children to have relaxed, to have had a lot of fun devoid of excessive gadgets and screen time. I expect them to have spent a lot of time with family and learnt new skills, explored and visited new places. They are to come back eager to share their new experiences, share and learn from each other. Learning does not and must not happen only in school.”

The educationist noted that sadly, not every child would have had an amazing holiday. Some children come from hostile environments, from families where domestic violence is present, physical, sexual, verbal abuse or neglect. Many of the children are looking forward to returning to school, which they find safer than their homes. Some have had to go hungry on many occasions and may even return to school with old and under-sized uniforms and generally not prepared for the term which can subsequently affect their self-esteem.

“It is important that educators are able to identify and support these children when they return. How a child spent their holiday, their emotional, mental and physical states can strongly affect their progress in the new term.”

On her expectations from parents as they “handover to educators” after weeks of being with their children, the parenting enthusiast and founder of Parent Right, (a social media forum for parents) said, “besides the new school shoes, bags and treats, it is important that parents continue to prepare the children mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. Not every child is looking forward to going back to school; it can be a difficult time for some children.

“Parents should continue to be supportive of the schools, it’s one team working in the best interest of the children. Support is expected with returning the children back to their usual school routines, the fees where relevant, drop off, pick up, homework, attendance, punctuality, meetings, discipline, values etc. Parents should endeavour to meet the teachers of their children, especially the younger ones, to discuss any issues, areas of development, which can be non-academic, and the general well being of the children.”

Adeniyi stressed that it is important that parents are communicating regularly with the teachers/schools, so the best mode of communication can be discussed at this time, too.
However, for teachers and educators, it’s important we are prepared. Do your best to be a creative and innovative teacher this term, be exciting and unpredictable. The children should look forward to coming to your class daily.

Teachers should also be sensitive enough to know the children who may have had some challenges over the holiday and endeavour to help them through the emotions the child or children may be going through.Here’s a back-to-school checklist which parents will find helpful: School Fees; Travel to School; School Bag; School shoes; Books & Stationary; Homework and Projects; Mental state; Lunch arrangements; Lunch Bag; Water Bottle;
Uniforms; Hair and nails trimmed and sorted; Extracurricular activities; Prayers ongoing;
Affirmations; Earlier bedtimes; Less TV and gadget times.

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