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Immediately I left the event hall, I became full of guilt. Tunji didn’t deserve to be portrayed as a confused young man which was the obvious outcome of the little drama I had staged. Alicia also didn’t deserve the unfair treatment, she was collateral damage in our complicated mess. To think I had gone through all that trouble and didn’t even get to attend the party. My friends called endlessly but I really didn’t feel like talking to anyone not until I heard a knock on my door just as I was about to go to bed. I didn’t need to ask who it was, I knew it was my mum. I got off the bed and opened the door to let her in. She was still dressed and I knew she had just returned from the party.

She marched past me into the room and sat on my bed with a dramatic thud. I knew I was going to get an earful.

“Adesewa. Since you called off your engagement to TunjI, ran off with that irresponsible boy and almost ruined our relationship with Tunji’s family have I said a word to you’? She asked.

I shook my head. She was right, she had not said a word to me instead she had avoided me like a plague.

“When you started embarrassing yourself further by chasing after him to take you back and your father decided to support you, did I say anything’? She asked.
I shook my head again.

“When you complained to your father and everyone who cared to listen that I don’t care about your personal goals and ambitions only about throwing you a lavish wedding. Did I say anything”? She asked.

I shook my head a third time.

“So why have you chosen to disgrace me? Why? I am still trying to mend fences with Tunji’s mother. You came to her birthday party today. You didn’t even come and greet your parents or all our peers who were there like a well brought up lady. We only heard something had happened between you and Tunji that upset his girlfriend. I was initially even trying to pacify the girl only for me to find out my own daughter was at the root of the matter. Adesewa what is the matter with you”? My mother asked. She was raising her voice now and I could tell she was very upset.

I didn’t have an answer to her question, so I decided to remain quiet while looking as contrite as I could.

“Is it not you I am talking to? Oh you cannot talk now abi? But when you were insulting Tunji’s girlfriend you did not have a problem talking” She said.

“Mummy I did not insult Tunji’s girlfriend”. I said quietly.

“Keep quiet!” She yelled at me.

“But a minute ago you were upset that I was being quiet”! I exclaimed.

She jumped to her feet and I knew the real show was about to begin.

“Let me tell you something madam Adesewa, you will not disgrace me anymore than you have already done. I did not disgrace my mother, no child can disgrace me. Even if you want to win him back is that how to do it? Continue…I have said my own.”

With that she walked out and slammed the door shut behind her.

It was becoming too much and I made up my mind to let sleeping dogs lie but just as I laid down to sleep I got a text message from Tunji it read:
“We need to talk”.

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