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Project WINHER 2021 to sensitise women of colour on financial literacy, investment

By Marian Diamond
31 July 2021   |   2:49 am
Targeted at realising the global impact of raising women who are well grounded in trade, business and investment

Project WINHER

Targeted at realising the global impact of raising women who are well grounded in trade, business and investment, in order to reduce gender bias and increase participation of women in investment through sensitisation and financial education on proper methods and channels for investment, Boderless Trade Network is set to hold Project WINHER which is tagged Max Out.

The two-year initiative project is sectioned in four stages, Investment education, financial inclusion, and wealth creation with a goal of reaching 30,000 women by 2025.

Supported by the office of the commissioner of Trade and Investment of Vanuatu to Nigeria and South Africa, and sponsored, by Cersei Partners and OBA Inc, the Max Out event will commence on Sunday, August 8, 2021 for women living in Nigeria and Sunday 15, August 2021 for women in the diaspora.

Aimed towards sensitising women on the possibilities of international trade and integrating actionable systems that can take their business beyond the borders of the current location and the continent, the programme, which is the maiden edition, will focus on exposing women of colour in Nigeria and outside to digital money and wealth creation opportunities, so as to increase the number of women actively thriving in the global investment market.

According to the President, Borderless Trade Network, and Founder of project WINHER, Olori Boye-Ajayi, during a press conference held recently in Lagos, the thrust of the event is to ensure that women have the right financial education access to the funding they need to thrive. “Women of colour are at the bottom of investment opportunities. After a number of surveys, we discovered that the investment opportunities available to them are low. They do not have investment opportunity that would turn into wealth. This is why we came up with Project WINHER’s Max Out event, a sustainable and infusive wealth education programme for women. The Max Out event is targeted towards exposing women in Nigeria to investment opportunities through trading within and outside the country. Also, the programme will help women in the diaspora who want to invest back home but lack the confidence of business stability to do so in Nigeria. Only women between the ages of 21-45 are eligible to participate in the programme. We believe that these women will gain a high level of financial literacy that will demystify the subject of investment and enable them to recognise high Return On Investment (ROI) opportunities. Women can register via”

Boye-Ajayi further noted that it is time for African women to step up in action, which isn’t synonymous to talking but actually invest in women to trade globally. Project WINHER will bring these women out of their shell. The WINHER initiative is not looking for a short-term approach, but an inclusive one.

In her remark, Co-Founder/CEO of Twelve, Mrs. Tomie Balogun, who is the knowledge and technology partners of the project to provide financial education that help women learn how to earn, said: “Overtime we have seen a clear gap in women in terms of financial literacy and this programme is targeted towards closing the gaps.

Vice President Cersei Partners Oluwafemi Fayewa also noted that the inclusion of women in business is a priority, hence the need to partner with the project in order to create wealth opportunities for women locally and globally.

Project WINHER

Trade and Investment Commissioner of Vanautu to South Africa and The Federal Republic of Nigeria, Olufemi Badejo, said: “If you educate the girl child, you educate the whole community”, which is the target through the partnership with Project WINHER Max Out event.

Programmes Development and Partnerships Officer, OBA Inc, Ada Chintua, said: The WINHER initiative also seeks to close the funding gap that women experience and get them sensitised and educated about investment.