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Questions and Answers: Young woman’s guide


My name is Debby and I am a Middle School teacher. I am considering attaining a Doctorate degree in the future. Could you answer some questions I have for you? Did you work during the process? Did you take a break to have a family? Was it worth it? Could you have attained your level of success without it? I love hearing real stories.
Debby, Lagos

Yes, I worked full time while obtaining my doctorate and I never took a break from school. From college straight to Masters and straight to doctorate…no breaks all while balancing a family. And yes every bit was worth it, it’s always been my desire to achieve academic excellence and that was what I set out to do. I just looked at every stage as a normal part of my life and prioritised everything. Balance is the key.

Hi ma’am, I’ve been going through your post for a while now and the one that struck me most is the write-up on being bold. I must say you are really doing a good job, but the truth is I do feel I need help in this area? Can you counsel me?

Tolu, Ibadan
In order to be bold, you have to know who you are and be comfortable in your skin. No matter the amount of flaws or imperfections, you have to still hold your head up high and walk with authority. Don’t let insecurity or inferiority get in the way of you building self-confidence. No one is perfect but our imperfections make us unique and should not be an obstacle to anyone walking boldly with confidence.

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