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Questions for our men…


Something weighs heavily on my mind, one that breaks my heart actually and that’s the fact that most of our men have lost faith in the Nigerian woman.

Going by the comments that one reads on the social media, it is not difficult to deduce that most of our men are ever ready to believe the worst about the Nigerian woman, and it is disturbing.

A friend that never seemed to see anything good in Nigerian ladies complained to me recently that he is finding it difficult to settle down-almost like the ladies he ended up liking don’t like him in return. I asked why he can’t go for a ‘foreign lady’ since he is based abroad…he looked at me like I have gone nuts. So, I explained that what is happening to him is not far-fetched…YOU CAN NEVER GET THE BEST OUT OF WHAT YOU CONTINUALLY DENIGRATE!

I had a delayed flight sometime back and had to stroll around the airport while waiting for my flight. A lady that’s probably in her late twenties came around with some workmen. Going by the instructions she was giving to those men, one can assume that she probably won the contract to beautify the exteriors of that particular airport. However, two men were directly seated behind me and what I heard from them sickened me to no end.

They said, “Who knows how many ‘ogas’ she has had to ‘service’ to grab this contract.’’

It took everything in me not to lash out at them. I believe that anyone that is quick to believe or assume that another “has had to do something” to get what she has is that way too.

For the avoidance of doubt…most women are relentless ‘go-getters’.

These set of women are usually loaded upstairs, they do not depend on their “down there” to set balls rolling.

That young lady at the airport has an alternative, one of which is prowling on the Internet for rich men or being lodged in a hotel by politicians, but she chose to work!

Not long ago, a condom company came up with a claim that Nigerian women are the most unfaithful in the world and our men flew with it…so much so that that most of them would not make any comment without referring to that claim.

I think of some countries and wondered how anybody would wake up one day to claim that the BED OF INFIDELITY has berthed amongst Nigerian women.

I expected our men to challenge that claim because, as things stand right now, we do not know what statistical index that it was based on.

Perhaps the question for our men is, how easy have those of them in positions of authority made it for the woman that desires a better life? How many of them pay attention to the merits (rather than ‘the body’) that a woman brings to the table?

Let every Nigerian man that is busy mouthing our women badly search his soul. Have you contributed in leading any young woman astray-especially the economically vulnerable ones?

If there is no ‘demand’…there shall be no ‘supply’!

Are the ‘bad Nigerian women’ not being patronized by equally BAD NIGERIAN MEN? What gives kettle the right to call pot black?

It is only a man of easy virtue that would think every other lady out there is loose because he has been laying all shapes and sizes.

You hardly carry out a discussion that involves the Nigerian woman without some guys going “95 per cent of ladies are this bad and that worse.’’

I am usually like… I assume this 95 per cent is inclusive of your mother, wife, sisters and maybe daughters, or is it just other people’s women that are bad and the tiny percentage that is good is your clan?

How come you know so much about 95 per cent of Nigerian women? Have you had dealings with all of them?

I made a post on Facebook recently about the ‘thoughtful gestures’ that any woman would appreciate from her man and guess what? Some men actually opined that it is not in this clime that you treat a woman so well, lest she starts misbehaving.

This was my response to that and it remains my response to any man that has such a shallow mentality…

Most of our men need a complete overhaul of their mentality towards the womenfolk. To think that anyone would assume a woman would start misbehaving the moment she is treated like the queen that she is?

To think that anyone would believe that any lady would rather prefer to be treated less than the jewel she is, lest she acts abnormal?

Maybe such women are from the Mars…obviously not a lady like me…that will declare a ‘love bath’ for the man that makes her feel the earth is beneath her!!!

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