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Reasons to have more guys as friends


One of my top secrets is never to ignore any sensible man that tries to get my attention. This is because men are the spices of life. You see them everywhere, shopping malls, schools, churches, offices and others.

Have you ever thought of what the world would look and ‘feel like’ without them; I dare not trouble myself with that! They give women a sense of security; we leverage on their strength and they make things easy for us.

Some people hold the view that men and women should not be ‘just friends;’ they likened the bonding to goat having yam as a friend. They believe the goat no matter how tamed it may be will eventually eat the yam. However, I beg to differ, as this is not always the case with man-woman relationship. There are guys who have lived above those feelings of always wanting to jump into bed with every single girl they have as friends; this is because they know that momentary pleasure can defeat the reward of a sincere and genuine friendship.

If you are one of those ladies who have never considered having a guy for a platonic relation, I would advice, you make a rethink. Here are some great qualities you need to know about men.

Men are goal getters, liberal and audacious. They easily get things fixed. They can push a woman to action.

A couple of men have done the worst kind of things; hence they can easily understand you when you tell them your very dirty secrets or past without being judgmental. This is because your bad experiences are so familiar to theirs.

Men absorb hardship like it’s never there; hence they are perfect at helping ladies, giving them courage to get up when they are down.

Men will not nag you to death. They do not nag as often as ladies, so they are the best people to engage in a conversation and expect no over drama.

A good man sincerely feels your pains as a woman even though he doesn’t understand it. For example, you tell a guy about your dysmenorrhea, he doesn’t know how it feels, but he sincerely wishes to take your pains away, so, you can be free. That is the best medicine any woman can ask for. It feels so good afterwards.

If you have just girls around you as friends, you might as well throw in a guy to get things moving swiftly. You can start with being good friends with your brothers.

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