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Social media exposure, what females fail to fathom


A study carried out by the American Press Institute on how Millennials use and control social media shows that about 80 per cent of young people get their news and other information from Facebook.

Social media is known to have connected more people than any other media. Whether the connection is positive or other wise depends on the individual. Businesses blossom and voices are aired via the platform even though some ladies experience the very worse that the platform offers.

On social media, people share just the lowest and the highest points of their lives neglecting the story in between, which might be the major inspiration behind their stories. It leaves you in disarray of whether they achieved success overnight leaving you to think your processes have become a little too long to persist in.


The glaring images might be a motivation to some ladies but to most young ones, it is a tool of obsession, nerves and uneasiness about things they have less control on. Some end up feeling crappy about their lives and suddenly find no offences in doing the erroneous things to become those images on the screens. Aside this, it affects your ability to relax and be with your own thought and gradually distancing you from the real you. Recently I find it so difficult to finish a book because I spend more time on social media than on the book.

There are lots of things going on online that we can’t possibly catch up with; no doubt we all love our online presence, also fear the effect thereof but can’t just control it.
There is a need to intentionally liberate oneself from so much disturbing information by sometimes ignoring the phones just to have a good communication with our thoughts, heart and body.

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