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Specific roles of women in child upbringing


Raising a wholesome child requires the equal presence of the father and mother. However, in commemoration of International Women’s Day globally, identifying the unique roles and impact women play in the life of their children is key, as they affect a child’s life socially, culturally, educationally, spiritually and psychologically.

According to Lois Leke-Amoo, a parenting enthusiast who shares parenting nuggets through her social media community, ThisMotherhoodThingy, women are the life wire of every home and as such key to raising wholesome kids that make up a healthy society. Their impact in the lives of children is unmatched no matter their level of education or exposure; a woman definitely wants the best for her child.

Hence, a worthy reward for women is getting compliments and seeing her child reflect of all the effort she puts in.


“Don’t you just love it when a stranger walks up to you and says ‘What a smart child you have,’ and they go on to tell you a few special qualities they have noticed in your child? It’s the joy of many mothers, a pat on the back for the many years of hardwork and many days of intentional training.

For Leke-Amoo, among the efforts women put into raising well-rounded children, include making healthy meals and ensuring they are eaten; we are what we eat. Only healthy children can learn well. So, mothers are intentional about what goes into their children’s stomach. Suffice it to say though that many children aren’t so intentional; they’re sold on snack and fizzy drinks, thus doubling the work mothers have to do to ensure they eat healthy.


On establishing a conducive environment, she noted that there are a few things that affect our lives as much as where we grew up. The ethos of a home is a major concern of most mothers. While many people are just fine to have a roof over their heads, mothers go the extra mile that the roof is not just a shelter but also a home. Children need to grow in an environment where there’s love and acceptance. Once anything happens to compromise that, mothers are usually the first to notice and raise and act to change it.

A woman also deems it fit to inculcate the fear of God into her child; this is her first spiritual responsibility. This, women do virtuously so her children can become an asset to the nation. It is the role of a mother to monitor the movement of their wards, in school, place of worship, social gathering, in and out of the house, just as mothers are also keen on ensuring a child gets sound education.

She added that exemplifying commitment is critical for women. “Even when children are at their worst, mothers are at their best. Mothers show love and care to their children even when it seems they’re not getting any reward for their efforts. More so, the job of a mother is a never-ending one. Even at old age, some mothers still ask their 40-year-old children if they’ve had breakfast.” Give it up for Women!


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