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Staying motivated when feeling unappreciated


Following the reactions of young Nigerians on the outburst of President Muhamadu Buhari while speaking at the Common Wealth Business Forum, where he talked about the working abilities of Nigerian youths, I decided to write just few words on how to stay motivated when feeling unappreciated and unacknowledged.

Appreciation is like a lubricant that fuels your energy to push for more efforts. People want to hear those they love and those that love them express what they mean to them either in words or action. The need for people to feel appreciated is important for an increase in their value system. People are lifted when they are appreciated. It liberates the mind and increases productivity.

But when it is not forthcoming, they take it as a down play, which is exactly what it is. A lot of people become depressed, rebellious, loose their focus or even become violent when their efforts are underestimated.


The major motivation you need during those time is to never snap out of your regular duties instead put in some extra effort. It is never easy to persist but researches have shown that people that loose focus and give up are the greatest failures in life.

You can develop new goals and try to find joy achieving them. This keeps your mind busy and away from negative thoughts. Your goals will keep moving you forward until you meet them.

Focus on your small wins. Pushing your attention to the little things you have achieved overtime gives you some self-confidence and assurance, this eventually gives you energy to keep on.

You can never go wrong when you add value to other people. This makes them feel important giving them reasons to appreciate and acknowledge you. Do not keep your negative emotions to yourself. When you bottle up your repugnance, you will be miserable. There are other people who appreciate you no matter how little, try to always unburden your heart to them.

It should be noted that when you crave for appreciation and doesn’t get any, you end up gathering emotions that will pull you down. Do things for your growth not just for others to see and appreciate you.

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