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Stop the nagging


naggingA piece of advice to my girls… If you don’t listen to anything else I ever tell you. Listen to me about Nagging. According to googles’ definition, Nagging is a frequent complaint of married or single couples. It is a cycle of behavior that usually starts if one party feels nagging is the only way to get what he or she wants. If your wife’s nagging is getting to you, there are various ways to cope. Trust me.

It doesn’t matter if you are a doctor, high power Executive or billionaire business woman, nagging does one thing. It reassures him of where he stands with you. It shows you where you stand. People do what they want to do. It doesn’t give him anything to worry about, think about, or mull over. It does not intrigue him or pull him in, in fact he tunes you out. Now that you want to “talk”, he wants to do anything but talk. And if you press the issue, he will shift the blame.
Now let me break down the game for you…

*First of all, he will tell you that the timing is wrong.
*Secondly, before hearing a damn word you have to say, he will tell you that you are too sensitive.
*Third, he will get a rotation going. On Monday and Wednesday, you are over-reacting, on Tuesday and Thursday, you will be “blowing it out of proportion” and on the weekends, you are imagining things. Lool.
*Fourth, he will blame it on your time of the month.
*Fifth, if that doesn’t work, he will pick a fight and be very combative, but repeatedly pointing out that you are the one who started the fight.

*Sixth, some men pick fights so that they can “break up” to go “fool around” and it technically may not be cheating, so why let them?
*Seventh, if you are clearly right, he will find fault with you about nothing that has to do with the topic.
*Then he will appoint himself “house therapist” and ask you “why do you keep doing this to yourself?”
*He dodges the issue.
*If none of that works, then it’s your fault, that is his story and he is sticking to it. He will basically tune you out completely. He figures out if he bides his time, eventually you will wear yourself out and go away.

Look ladies, the bottom line is this! A nagging woman is predictable. That causes a feeling of obligation only and your sex life will suffer for it trust me. An indifferent woman has a less predictable response which offers a renewed interest. When you treat him casually as though he is a friend, he will come your way because he wants to be romantic but he wants to be the pursuer.

When you envision him as a friend only, that will allow you to relate to him without the heaviness or intensity of the nagging. If you have been uptight, needy or clingy, appearing casual, relaxed and unconcerned is the unlikely response he would expect. For example: If he has excuses why he can’t spend time with you, then you need to make excuses for why you can’t spend time with him also! Is it a game? NO! People do what they want to do and people do what you let them do…end of.

If you have already tried telling him how you feel, it is time to show him with your actions!
Point: A little distance, combined with the appearance of self-control will make him nervous he is losing you. In the bible, it says “A nagging woman will drive a man to the corners of the rooftop.” It also says for women to live a certain way so that their man can be won over by their actions, not words. You living a good life, trusting in God and going to him to bend your man’s heart will truly give you the results you desire. Talk to God about your man. I promise you it works.
To our happiness. Cheers.

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