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Stop your man from withdrawing

By Kemi Amushan
04 August 2018   |   4:10 am
It is very easy for a guy to start getting distant somewhere along the line in your relationship. If you are suffering in your relationship because your man...

It is very easy for a guy to start getting distant somewhere along the line in your relationship. If you are suffering in your relationship because your man is pulling away and becoming distant, I know how painful it feels because I have actually been there myself! It could be that he has stopped making plans in advance, or he is telling you he is confused, or he has stopped initiating affection and now he is telling you how busy and stressed out he is with work.

It is very easy for us women to feel a shift in his energy and it instinctively makes us feel worried, anxious and insecure, no matter how much we want to appear cool and confident. It feels so frustrating and devastating when the love we once felt from him feels like it is just drifting away and then we start asking ourselves, “How could this be happening?”

How can you get things back to the way they felt in the beginning, when you knew he was so into you?  He was doing and saying all the right things, everything to make you feel so happy. We believe if we can just talk to him and let him know how we feel and specifically how we feel about him, he would instinctively want to “fix” things to make us feel better and be compelled to come closer. Wrong.

I have learnt that this is exactly what does not work to inspire a man to want to get close again. In fact, it has the opposite effect on him! It makes him feel pressure and the ONLY thing he wants to do is run as far away as possible – as fast as possible!

What we instinctively want to do actually pushes our man further away. When you learn how men and relationships really work you will get all the time, love, attention, affection, fun, passion and romance you have been longing for.  You will get amazing results with your man.

If you do not learn how men and relationships really work and you keep doing what you have been doing, you will keep finding yourself in the same painful situations over and over again, wondering what went wrong, analyzing everything your man does and spending your precious time trying to figure out what he is thinking and how to bring him back.

If you want to get everything you want from your relationship, imagine Your Man is Right In Front Of You.

What do you want to do? If you are anything like me, you want to reach out and touch him and talk to him – move closer.
Stop Yourself From Moving Towards Him In Any Way.

Imagine making eye contact and smiling softly at him. Let him move towards you first and close the “gap”. This looks like him physically moving towards you, calling you, texting you, making plans, and initiating affection.

When we allow there to be space between us, if he is the man for you, he will instinctively and automatically come close. He will sense you are a woman who values herself enough to not chase any man and simply requires a man to pursue her (without saying a word) – it creates a magnetic pull on him he cannot resist!

Use Specific Words And Phrases To Compel Him To Come Even Closer.

When he starts coming close again, you can “give back” by letting him know it feels good to hear from him, or you feel happy to see him, or his soft kisses make you feel soft and warm and he will feel a connection he has never felt with another woman. All it takes is practice talking in this new love language. (When we stop moving towards our man, we begin to worry he will think we are not interested, we do not care or we do not love him – we can eliminate these fears by being soft, warm and inviting when he comes close.)

To bring him closer today, just try and relax. Relaxing gets you into the present moment where your man can connect with you.  (A man cannot connect with us when we are up in our heads, worrying, analyzing and trying to figure him out.) By doing this, you begin to lighten up. For me, I began feeling better immediately. I felt the tension leaving my body.

By just relaxing and acting like everything is okay and you are in control, your vibes will instantly shift, making you more magnetic to your man. Commit to seeing yourself as a woman who easily inspires her man to want to get as close as he possibly can by not doing anything or working hard to make it happen.

Simply being a woman is magnetic to a masculine man.  Your only job is to receive the love he has to give.

Let’s Recap: Anything we do or say that looks like moving towards our man – calling, texting, initiating, advising, asking him how he feels, being super sweet and understanding, or making things easy for him in any way, actually kills his attraction for us.

What draws him towards us is allowing there to be space between us. Allowing, trusting, receiving and responding to your man is what creates and builds attraction for a man.

Try this, it could really work for you, I promise and i would love to hear how this goes for you.
To our hapiness. Cheers.

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