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The devil is a lie


After I got the invitation to the “show” from my mysterious pen pal, time literally stood still. TK came home later that morning to change and get ready for work. He was barely speaking to me and I was afraid I was slowly losing my husband. I decided to talk to him. I went to the guest room where he had been sleeping to meet him. Me: Good Morning TK. I waited up for you last night.

Me: TK I am sorry about the birth control pills. So much has been going on I just need to talk to you and explain a lot of things. TK: A lot of things like what? Like how you have been deceiving me about the state of our marriage. I went to my mother for advice for crying out loud, because I thought you were having trouble getting pregnant. She tried to assist and you started throwing tantrums making her look like an intrusive witch! Do you have a conscience at all? Me: I know there is no justification for deceiving you like that. I am so sorry. There is so much I need to tell you… TK: Not now Anjola. I have a meeting in half an hour.

Me: Please promise me we will talk tonight. I have to talk to you today. It’s really important.
TK: I can’t promise. I have a management strategy session that would probably last till about midnight.


TK left for work and I was left at home watching the clock tick. My travel agent had sent me the tickets I had requested for and I instantly did a bank transfer for the cost. TK’s company usually paid for our travel expenses but this was different. I packed a really small bag for myself with only the things I couldn’t leave behind like certificates and pictures of my late mum and also packed a small bag for Oladunni. I hid them under the bed in the bedroom. Since TK’s discovery of my birth control pills in my wardrobe, I didn’t think it wise to hide anything there. I printed the tickets and tucked them into one of the suitcases along with our passports.

By 6pm I was ready for my meeting with my  mysterious pen pal and then It occurred to me that it may be dangerous to go alone but considering the fact that I was convinced it was Ronke I figured she won’t hurt me. She probably intended to blackmail me and I planned to tell her that I had no intentions of seeing Emeka ever again (which was the truth) and if she still sent TK the pictures then I would activate plan B and leave the country with Oladunni immediately.

As I approached the address, I began to panic. What if she kidnapped me? What if she was trying to set me up? What if she had me beaten up? I parked a few buildings away from the exact location and called Emeka.
Emeka: Angel, are you ok?
Me: I’m ok for now.
Emeka: What do you mean?

Me: I think I have a meeting with Ronke.  I’m not sure?
Emeka: How can you not be sure? What is this about?
I told him about the strange letters I had been getting with the alphabets cut out from magazines and the last one that had details of the meeting and a picture of both of us kissing.

Emeka: Don’t tell me you are at the address in the letter.
Me: I’m on my way there.
Emeka: Are you crazy? Turn back now.
Me: No. I want to see this through

Emeka: Do you have any idea how crazy what you are doing is? You could be in a lot of danger you know?
Me: I will be fine. Ronke won’t harm me.
Emeka: How do you even know its Ronke? Tell me where you are right away!
Me: I can handle this Emeka.

With that I hung up. Emeka instantly started calling and texting me. I activated the silent mode on my phone and tossed it into my handbag. I left my car where I had parked a few buildings away and walked to the location. I didn’t want anyone spotting my car just in case.

I was right on time, 7pm on the dot. As I walked up to the gate I saw a familiar SUV with a customized plate number drive up to the building from the opposite end of the road. It was TK’s car. I instantly ducked into the shadows and watched him drive in. Luckily there was a little pedestrian gate open and I walked into the compound and pressed myself against the edge of the security post out of TK’s sight.

It was a block of residential flats. There were luxurious cars parked in the compound and the security guard was distracted as he was having a conversation with someone in the compound. I watched TK get out of the driver’s seat, obviously he had dismissed his driver early…why was he here? He had told me he would be in a strategy session! Had Ronke also invited him? No wonder she had described it as “Showtime”. I was about to sneak out of the compound and run back to my car when I spotted TK holding something.

He was holding a bunch of roses and then it hit me! My pen pal had sent me here to find out who “Bee” was! TK was probably here to meet his mistress. He walked up to one of the flats and pressed the doorbell. As I suspected, the door flew open and a young, slim, light skinned lady came flying out and jumped right into his arms. He spun her around and they went into the flat together.

I was so disgusted, the girl looked so young but then why was I surprised? He obviously had a thing for younger women…case in point: me! Tears instantly filled my eyes. I had been almost certain TK was cheating but I wasn’t prepared for the pang of jealousy, anger, betrayal and hurt that filled my heart. I wanted to scream my heart out! How could he be cheating on me and with such a young girl? I felt old, ugly, and used! I ran to my car and pulled out my phone my first intention was to call Linda immediately I needed to talk to someone. I saw over 20 missed calls from Emeka, he had been trying to reach me. I dialed his number sobbing uncontrollably.

Emeka: Are you hurt? Tell me where you at once!
Me: TK is cheating on me. I saw him with his mistress.
Emeka: Calm down where are you? Me: Osborne Estate.
Emeka: My house is just around the corner let me come and get you.
Me: No! I’m going home.

Emeka: You can’t go home in this state. Come over for a while when you are better composed you can go home before TK gets back.
Emeka sent me his address and I found my way to his house still sobbing uncontrollably. I just needed to talk to someone.
His apartment was cosy and well furnished. He made me a cup of tea and tried to calm me down. Eventually I stopped crying and told him all I had seen. Emeka: I know you are hurting right now but you need to make a decision.
Me: I can’t think right now.

Emeka: Look Ronke is going to show your husband the pictures tomorrow because I haven’t spoken to her till now. But we need to get concrete evidence of his infidelity and use that incase he wants to take legal action against you especially concerning Oladunni’s custody.
Me: Where am I going to get the resources to hire lawyers better than TK’s lawyers? I can’t lose my child Emeka!
Emeka: I will foot the bill Angel. Just go home and get Oladunni and come back here before TK gets back. We can be together baby. I don’t ever want to see you like this again.
Me: I don’t want to rush anything.
I decided not to tell Emeka about my plans to leave the country the next day.
Emeka: I am tired of this rubbish! Why do you want to stay with a man that cannot give you peace or stability? It’s always one issue or the other and now he is cheating on you with a girl that is barely legal and you are here sobbing your heart out!


Me: He is my husband Emeka. No matter what!
Emeka: And what am I to you, a toy or a source of amusement in your otherwise boring life?
Me: Stop it! I can’t deal with this right now!
Emeka: I love you; I can’t lose you again please.
With that Emeka pulled me close and started kissing me. I tried pushing him off but the kisses moved down to my neck and soon I was melting into his arms. I felt him unbuttoning my blouse, everything in my head was screaming at me to tell him to stop but I couldn’t bring myself to make him stop. A part of me wanted to get back at TK for cheating on me.

Emeka lifted me off my feet and carried me into his bedroom. He put me on the bed and started tugging at my trousers; I had made up my mind I was going through with it just this once I needed to feel desirable and wanted. I remembered I had gone off the pill since TK found my stash. Me: Emeka wait, remember what happened the one time we did this? I am not young and naïve anymore. I think we should use protection.
Emeka: I want you to have my baby.

Me: Not tonight just get protection please.
I didn’t tell him but my intention was to sleep with him just to prove to myself that I was desirable and disappear the next day. I needed to figure out what I wanted to do and I needed space to decide. Both of them constantly being in my face and rocking the boat wasn’t helping.

Emeka went into the bathroom to get protection and I got up to undress. I spotted a magazine sticking from underneath the bed with a page open and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I pulled out the magazine and flipped through the pages, alphabets from almost all the pages had been cut out. Emeka had been sending me those letters! He was my mystery pen pal! I tossed the magazine on the bed and quickly pulled my blouse back on. Emeka emerged from the bathroom with the protection. He spotted the magazine on the bed and the look on my face and said

Emeka: I can explain Angel
Me: You devil! You were behind all of this! You have been the one taunting me all this while.
Emeka: You refused to make a decision!  I needed to show you who you were really married to.
Me: And in doing so you have also shown me what a horrible monster you are! You want to ruin my life right?
Emeka: No darling. I love you. I was trying to fix what Banke did to us.

Me: This is worse than what Banke did! My God! Do you have any idea how much I have at stake? Did Ronke even make those threats?
Emeka: No she didn’t. I only said she did because I knew you needed motivation to make up your mind.

Me: It all adds up. Every time I got a letter you were around the vicinity. The day I went jogging you slipped the letter under my gate before you joined me down the street. The day we went to the restaurant, you put the letter under my wiper before you came in and the last letter that had the picture you must have had someone waiting to take the pictures outside.

That was why you kissed me outside not inside the restaurant and this evening I didn’t say anything to you about TK’s mistress’s age but you referred to her as being underage because you know about her. You have been keeping tabs on my husband and you lured me there so I could catch him red handed. You took advantage of my vulnerability after catching TK and made me come to your house so you could seduce me and make me sleep with you. You almost got away with it. I regret ever meeting you. Good bye Emeka.
He tried to grab my hand as I walked out; I reached out and gave him a resounding slap.
Emeka: That was pointless. It’s too late with TK. You will be back and I will be waiting.
I walked out on Emeka and then the tears started flowing. Perhaps it was too late with TK but that was not Emeka’s call to make. I was surprised to find TK’s car in the drive way when I got home. He must have come home early from Bee’s place.

I was right. He was out on the porch smoking a cigarette; he had some papers in his hand and an angry look on his face. Me: TK please we need to talk. TK: I have nothing to say to you.


With that he flung the pieces of paper in his hand at me. I bent over and picked them up. There was a picture of me and Emeka kissing and a print out of all the emails we had been exchanging over the last couple of months. Now I understood what Emeka meant when he said it was too late with TK.

He had sent the pictures and email correspondence to TK. So even if I decided to forgive TK, there would still be issue of TK forgiving me. This was his way of ensuring either way my marriage was over. Also lying on the floor, was my ticket to the States and my international passport which I thought were well hidden under the bed, I noticed Oladunni’s ticket wasn’t there neither was her passport.

Me: TK I….
TK: Save it! I want you out of my house before dawn and don’t you dare go near my daughter.

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