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The Diary of a Bored Housewife #1 – CROWN OF MY HEAD


Diary of a Bored HousewifeDear Diary,
I need a vacation! No, it’s not because I need to rest or spend time with TK, it’s because I am BORED! I am so bored, yesterday I found myself eavesdropping on Rosemary and Akpan exchanging words in the kitchen. The silly girl takes his words so seriously, if only she knew he had a crush on her maybe she’d chill a little and stop being so defensive. You see what I mean? It’s a Thursday evening and I’m telling you about the chemistry between my maid and my driver.

Hmmm remember when I was single? I used to be so thankful you couldn’t talk otherwise you’d probably have screamed at me a couple of times. That’s how you became my best friend, I could tell you all the stuff I couldn’t tell anyone else and I knew you wouldn’t judge me and you wouldn’t betray me like that stupid Banke did…and no I haven’t forgiven her! If not for her I wouldn’t be here, in this marriage that has changed me into this woman I hardly recognize. I don’t think I could ever forgive her for what she did to me, sometimes just before I sleep I remember my life before TK. I remember the careless laughter that made me feel sixteen again, I remember the adventures that only youth can afford you, I remember the whispers of dreams shared, dreams you couldn’t share too loudly out of fear that you would jinx it, I remember love…the once in a lifetime kind of love.

Ok I promised last year that things would be different this year, that I would concentrate on making things better with TK. Olowo ori mi (the one who has paid my bride price). The man who accepted me…no questions asked, the man who elevated me, who has loved me from his soul from the first day he set his eyes on me. I will love Adetokunbo Ayo-Kessington with all of me for the rest of my life. Only TK forever and a day and if boredom is the price I have to pay I will wake up every morning and choose him again. Ade ori mi. (Crown of my head).

Not quite five years ago I was Anjola Adekoya ‘the girl next door’ with the crazy laugh then almost 4 years go that all changed. I am now Anjola Ayo-Kessington; Oladunni’s mummy and mother and TK’s wife. Yup that’s all I am right now. I have a Masters in Marketing from a prestigious UK university but who cares about that ? All I do is worry about stuff like nursery rhymes, feeding the family healthy meals and playing hostess to my husband’s friends and business associates. I am only 30 years old and that doesn’t help at all because I know who and what I can be. I had dreams, I still do but my 42 year old husband has more money than I can spend so he really doesn’t see any reason why I should “stress” myself by getting a job or running a business. In his words “You are an Ayo-Kessington wife. Ayo-Kessington wives don’t work”.

I knew what I was getting into when I agreed to this life and the prenup which I now realize I never should have signed but trust me it seemed much more glamorous in my imagination than its turning out to be in reality. I miss my mum if only she were still here maybe I’d feel differently about all this, I miss my old life…I miss Emeka. Obi’m (my heart)…that’s what I used to call him. I miss him so much it hurts me to my soul every single day!But I have chosen this life that came with this man. The best part of it all, my daughter…with the smile that melts my heart every single time I see it… Oladunni my princess, the best part of being me.

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